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[Chat (Android)] Arena spec and Talent #2

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Posted on 10/19/13 9:33:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Which lanes would you put these in?  I been running them 5v5 but I think theres a more efficient way to run them.  I been running Paladin, Druid, Champ, SM, and Succubus.  Thanks in advance!!
(I stole this from another thread.  But I had the same question.  I didnt know if i shouldve hacked BigJohns thread or started my own.  sorry in advance if this isnt appropriate here.)  

90 Druid 4/5 Berserk
74 Paladin 4/5 Berserk
77 Champ 4/5 Revitalize
78 SM 4/5 Revitalize (my only 4/9 skill.  everyone else 3/9 skill)
72 Succ 5/5 Revitalize
65 Ninja 3/5 SD
75 Thor 5/5 Stone Skin (I dont use him in arena)

Posted on 10/19/13 9:47:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

ninja and suc in one lane, sm, champ and druid in another.. whichever lanes they go in it will hurt due to high revite

Posted on 10/19/13 9:52:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I know this is frustrating bro. I feel the same way but it seems putting all tgt gives you better chances of winning.

I think for higher and ranks in arena, Pally is insignificant due to slow dps and most people will kill your pally in few strikes with revitalize or kill ur base if your pally pick the wrong lane.

I notice TG being used more often in higher lv instead of champ due to higher dps. Putting him in mid lane can have a chance to proc thunder in other lanes. But urs is SS so reroll.

Scub can eat some dps and ur revitalize would have procced to kill that target

your champ may not proc in hihger lv arena as ur champ lv is a bit low

Druid is nice I reckon

So line up. Ur stiuation is similar to mine. But ur Ninja self distruct is not rnough to kill higer lv people.

Basically, if i were you, i will put them all in the same lane. or Ninja with SM tgt in side lane , could clear a whole lane and Pally + druid and scub tgt in order to ensure ur scub will last to the shrine. Or replace pally with champ for more dps.