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Posted on 10/19/13 10:07:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This game been out for what 4-5 months now? N no one has max out ALL their buildings yet? Except maybe niggy. Is it really that hard to lvl those things up? Ive played for 74 days n all my buildings are only 12 sigh wish ive known abt lower might so i woulda been easier to lvl my heroes though lol

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Posted on 10/19/13 10:10:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Considering the number of workers we have and the pain we have to go through to level up army camps and relic hall a lot of people just don't do it that fast even if they want to. It is def nice to keep might low for raids though. Make a smurf account!

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I may be one of the few who don't mind the long upgrading times of buildings (except for the army camps and the relic hall). It's much more rewarding to see your base being upgraded as you climb your way in the standings rather than maxing everything out in just once click of a button (use gems to remove waiting time). I know I'll eventually get there, and the journey towards that goal is what is fun and enjoyable than the goal itself.

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Yeah.... I don't like when you can't access upgrading buildings like relic hall to replenish spells or hire more troops.  Becomes a pain when you have a barrack locked down for 2+ days if you don't have the gems to insta-finish.

Same with towers... they don't like to fire if they are upgrading as well..... seems they should fix some of that stuff IMO