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[Chat (Android)] Suggest raid partners be based o level of top 5 heroes, and not might

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Posted on 10/20/13 1:56:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

People should not get penalized for improving their might. Assignment of raid partnersby might leads to very uunbalanced fights. The person who does not worry to keep might low will find it so hard to win, he will just keep attacking and losing and raid gold 12 times to afford what he needs. The person who keeps might low will have an easy walk though and face no challenge for raids, but will make no defense and minimal resource buildings. In the extreme folks with high might will quit from the unfair challenge of going against heroes 20 levels above them in raids and towers that could take their heroes 1v1.

We need to also take in mind that it looks weird when folks ha e level 120 heroes and are in the top 1 percent in the arena, but have bases with 1/5 the might of folks ranked under them in the arena.

Posted on 10/20/13 2:14:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Then people could just smurf and ignore heroes all together and automatically get people with the lowest heroes. I think the system they have now needs some slight tweaks but in reality it is important to just level up one's heroes primarily then troops then other stuff can follow.
I do get what youre saying though. They need a system for people with low heroes and too much might to still enjoy it. Dungeons only give 5 tries so it isn't that much. Maybe bosses and clans will help with that sort of stuff!

Posted on 10/20/13 2:33:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only