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[Chat (Android)] Guild System Rewards

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Posted on 10/20/13 6:05:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I heard Guild Will come in a while
so i give idea about rewards
So Guild Battle Will come with 7 member
the battle will be 7 Vs 7
it like arena defence so guild system use arena defence to battle each other (1 vs 1)
the one who win will give Guild score (From 7 guild need min 4 to win )
The rewards should be Guild Pack ( 1 Random legendary Hero / something usefull for $ user )
they make system 16 championsip so guild have to 16 guild first to battle
rank 1 will got 8 guild pack rank 2 6 pack rank 3-6 got 4 pack rank 7-16 got 2 pack
(Guild Max member will be 100?) and the prize (leader give it to member)
That all for my idea
Sorry 4 bad english

Posted on 10/20/13 6:25:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Mmm looks like there are too much rewards compared to IGG politics :D