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Well, I am sick.  So I was laying in bed, playing castle clash on my main account, and thought I would make a sexons account.  I went ahead and dropped 20 bucks into the account, and that I would take the low might approach.  After two days, of only taking breaks to nap, vomit, or rush to the bathroom to avoid crapping the bed, or to pray to the gods that they take me out of my misery, here is where I am at.  A level 80 druid, a level 60 succubus, assassin, executioner, and cyclopse.  On my main account, all of my heros are just under level 100, and that took me months.  I am really blown away at the progress I have made, in just two days, hovering at 2300 might.  Just that I would share.

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oh, and to everyone around that might level, you are welcome for your ten hour shields, all 832 of you.

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XP from paid raid is generally above 1000. with that might range, you only need lvl 5 hunters to clean the board, and at the end drop your one hero to reap all the XP.
Yes, so far, lower might is the best. ignore all defenses.