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Hello fellas, been playing for about 22 days now, and I have a 74thunder god, 60 angel, 60 exe, 60 marksman, 60 engineer anda 60 assassin. But my question is, i can do d2 s1 easily.. but i want to do d2 s2, which heroes should i level next? Angel worth leveling to 80? I have 450 shards atm im getting about 20-30 a day.. should i just stick to d2 s1 or try for d2 s2? That one more shard will add up.. any help will be appreciated ty

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I suggest getting druid first. It will make your life a lot easier. You can farm D2S2 by only using 2-3 heroes and no troops/spells once your druid gets 60+. Save HB for legendaries you'll get in the future and do not upgrade ordinary/elite heroes.
Sticking to D2S1 should give you more than 20-30 I suppose. How many runs do you do a day?

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You have there the best 5 non-legendary heroes, at least in my opinion. I would leave the angel at 60, the upgrade does not improve much in her. I keep using a level 60 angel till i get a druid, and had other lvl 80+ heroes. I would level the assassin, cause her can be used in the arena, mine is at level 96.

For raids/defense the engineer. For raids the exe, for defense marksman. But it depends on their talents

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Buy gems and roll till you have full legendary team. Then raid,raid and then raid some more.and when you fall asleep set youre alarm to go off every two hour and half hours. use your arena and dungeon chances. go on a raid then sleep wake up repeat. Do this for 3 months and maybe you can get in the top 200. And o yeah buy gems.

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i do about 20-25 runs a day give or take 5. drop rate seems to be around 20% for me. so dont level any ordinary/elites passed 60 besides assassin?