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[Event] Castle Clash Trivia II Event Preview

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Posted on 10/15/14 5:43:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Castle Clash Trivia II Event Preview

Castle Clash  is once again seaching the forums for our real aficionados.  Let's see who knows the answers to the questions we have selected, and in return we are prepared to give gems to the first 100 members who can correctly answer these questions.

Event Duration: Midnight Friday, October 18 (Saturday) 00:01 Forum Time - Wednesday, October 22 at 23:59 Forum Time

How To Participate:
1) Copy the complete hide code provided below
2) Post code in the reply box
3) Fill in the requested information on each line.
4) Press enter.......Done!

COPY COMPLETE CODE:   [code][hide=100000]
Forum Name:
IGN / Character Name:
Platform: (Android, IOS, Facebook, Amazon)
Answer: #1
Answer: #2
Answer: #3
Answer: #4
Answer: #5

1st Tier  (  1st -  10th )  1,000 Gems
2nd Tier ( 11th - 25th )    800 Gems
3rd  Tier ( 26th - 50th )    500 Gems
4th Tier  ( 51st - 100th)   300 Gems                                                                           

Event Rules:


Maximum of Three (3) posts per user
Spamming/Illegal contest will lead to being disqualified from event.
Questions are not allowed in the event thread - Use Q&A thread:
Winners are selected based on first come first served basis
IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
You will recieve your reward in 7-10 bussiness days after event results announcement.

Official event thread is located in the CC Android Event Zone section. See here for the official thread: ... 8965&extra=page%3D1