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[Event] Halloween Spooky Stories

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Castle Clash Halloween Spooktacular Event

Important disclaimer: Please do not write your story in the reply box, you don't want to lose it due to browser/internet problems. I recommend you use a word processor.

Alright clashers, it is time for our second ever Castle Clash Halloween. I am sure this will be the spookiest one yet because you guys and gals will help. It is time to bring out your scary side and your literary genius and write a Castle Clash horror story. All participants will receive gems for participating and following the rules. The best stories (voted on by you and the moderators) will win the top rewards.

Event Duration: October 24th 12AM - November 1st 12AM

How To Participate:

1) Write your story (see Story Rules)

2) Enter your forum name, IGN, and IGG ID and platform using this hide code (if you don’t enter these properly you will be alerted, if you fail to fix your mistake you will not receive a reward)

Forum UserName:
IGN / Character Name:
Platform: (Android, IOS, Facebook, Amazon)
[/hide][/code]  3) Double check your word count, enter, and done!

Story Rules:

1) Stories should be between 75 and 500 words (message Dalcowboiz or Krikara if you want your story to be longer than 500 words)

2) Stories should be Castle Clash themed

3) Stories should be meant to convey some spookiness and horror. Stories that do not attempt this will not be able to win the top prizes. Just think halloween themed and let your creativity flow.

4) Stories must be forum appropriate

5) Stories must not be at all plagiarized (new rule added, we already discovered one plagiarized story)

The primary criteria that these stories will be judged on are spookiness/horror, creativity, and strength of writing. NOT POPULARITY!

STORIES WILL BE JUDGED BY YOU AND ALSO THE MODERATORS. The stories with the most favor (top 6) will receive more points. Ex: Stories with the 1st and 2nd most favor will receive 3 points, stories with the 3rd and 4th most favor will receive 2 points. Whichever moderators choose to participate will each have 2 votes/points to distribute however they please.

Moderators hosting this event will decide who wins the rewards of 1st-100th based off of points and judgement of your story. Anyone with a story that follows the rules will get gems!


1st place will get 1500 gems. 2nd-10th will receive 1000 gems. 11th-50th will receive 800 gems. 51st-100 will receive 500 gems. Everyone else will get 200 gems.

Event Rules:

Only posts that ATTEMPT to follow the rules will be allowed to remain in the thread (any other post will be removed).

If your post does not follow all of the rules YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO EDIT it until the event ends in order to fix it.

Stories that are in the top ranks in favor will have each account checked to make sure that no post has received multiple ratings from the same IP or from the IP of the author. Authors that are found to have favored their own story WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Do not post more than once.

Spamming will result in your disqualification.

Only 1 reward per IP Address.

IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards. Any abuse of VPN/IP will not be tolerated.

You will receive your reward in 7-10 business days after event results announcement.


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Example POST below this line

My Halloween CC Story by krikara

Once upon a time, there was a forumer that requested FirstLady2013 and krikara to dress up as Assassin. Unfortunately, FirstLady2013 turned down this request, so krikara enlisted the help of LordAssassin himself and planned for the scariest Halloween event ever!!!

Dressed up like assassins, krikara and LA roamed the streets of RonGir's base. They had one rule - everything was KOS (KILL ON SIGHT). The first group they saw where the little minion workers that always hides when an HBM starts. SHIIIIIIIIING. The knives were drawn and each helpless peon was slaughtered. It was a one swipe kill, simply incapacitate them by swiftly sweeping their necks.

While LA and krikara were busy killing all the little minions, RonGir decided to avenge his slaves. LA and krikara were way too focused on the actual killings that RonGir easily regrouped all his heroes and created the ultimate plan. The plan was suicidal, yet ingenious at the same time. RonGir only used one hero..... REAPER !@!@$$@@~

RonGir told his Reaper to hit his own TownHall. Sure enough, RonGir's plan worked. Eventually, RonGir's Reaper stored up enough energy and finally, that dang reaper procced. LA and krikara vanished into thin air and were never to be seen again.


(Word Count 203 - Remember to PM me or Dalcow if you want to write a longer story!!!)

Forum UserName: krikara
IGN / Character Name: krikara
IGG ID: 6541954
Platform: Facebook

Here is a screenshot of how it should look like when you are writing the post

Let us enter the Age of Darkness
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There was the deserted town that over the course of three months had became quiet and calm. After all of the ordinaries and elites left after claiming they heard noises in the walls, for example, thumping and yelps, all that was left was the legendaries. One in particular wasn't scared of anything. Paladin. He knew with his strong armor and confidence that he could conquer and withstand anything. He was sadly mistaken when he went missing the next day after the neighbors heard plates fall on the floor in his house. After a week of police trying to find out the cause of paladins vanishment, they found a journal which they later read aloud at his funeral.

5/10/2002                                        Noises                                 P.234
    I woke up when i heard crying. I went in my closet but nothing was there. When i got back to my bed, i say that my doll that i got when i was 12 was staring straight at me. Every time i moved my head, the dolls head moved too. Batteries were in it, and i think my cats were just playing with the controller.
  Im hearing dripping noises in the bathroom. Im going to go check
   I just wiped the red goo off the walls. Its just my neighbor giving me a scare.
   I woke up just a second ago and saw dark figures at the foot of my bed. They have black skin, brown afros and giant smiles that extend from one ear to the next. Blood red eyes and green nails. Maybe my cat got contect to change hero eyes from brown to red?
          Crying, leftand right of me. My bathroom mirror is vibraring and my lights are flickering on and of. Screaming in my closer, gunshots outside, choking in the hallway and grunts under my bed. IM GETTING FREAKED OUT!!!
   i dont Know what Is Laughing! heLp!

Blank stares filled the croud after a few said they saw the lights flickering at Paladins house.

The end.

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Once upon a time in a BASE  far  away, there lived a handsome king known for his superior ability to make the crowd more lively the instant  they lay their eyes on  him.
On the eve of Halloween all the heroes in the castle decided to see the true
power of their king . And hence they thought of giving the king the scare of his life forcing him to use his special abilities and made a plot . They unchained the beast from deep within the heroes altar, thinking they could restrain it if anything went wrong.
But little did they know the beast they unchained is the dragon himself that with years of anger of being chained gained the secondary ability of 5/5 revitalize .
The night of the Halloween, the king was requested to grace the chambers of the heroes altar with his presence. The king who was enthusiastic about Halloween dressed up and held the mask he made for the Halloween. The king brought along his lovely wife and  entered the chambers of hero altar, the room was empty . Not knowing what he has in wait he walked forward that lead to the chambers of locked heroes and as soon as he entered, the room locked right behind him and his lovely wife  and in front of him stood the dreaded moltanica whom he captured eons ago . seeing the king, the beast  went wild with vengeance and without giving the king any chance to prepare for battle he breathes his  fire on him , unfortunately the king's wife get caught in the fire . The power  of his hell  flame was so OVER POWERFUL that  the king along with his wife burned to a crisp that instant.
Thinking the king is dead the dragon took off with the satisfaction of getting his vengeance.
Every one in the castle mourned the death of their beloved king and queen and apologized for their mistake . But little did they know the Halloween night is yet to begin .The king though burned from inside out had REVIVE as his secondary ability and rose from the ashes with no trace of humanity left in him , he wore the mask of pumpkin that he saved for the Halloween night and unleashed his true power that his people so eagerly wanted to witness at , the cost of his beloved wife's life . one after the other he killed the  heroes followed by minions and the workers in a flash and CELEBRATED
the night with a bath in the blood of his heroes and his people .
THE LEGENDS  still speaks of the king that wears the mask of PUMPKIN that celebrates
every day as though its a Halloween night and goes around bases to bases in search of the
dragon that took off the night of the Halloween , the night the PUMPKIN DUKES beloved wife went poooofff never to be revived again..
                                                  THE END

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Thunder God and Aries were having dessert.  They were enjoying their pumpkin pie when Cupid and Assassin joined them.  Cupid seemed to take particular joy in each bite.  Aries said "Hey, has anyone seen the Duke?".  Cupid and Assassin shared a glance and Cupid smiled a little.  Cupid shook his head and said "Haven't seen him.  This pie sure is delicious".  Aries looked down at the bit of pie he hadn't eaten yet.  A look of horror spread across his face.  "How will we do Mesa now?" He screamed.  Cupid said "You didn't complain about the crab legs at dinner.  That wasn't crab."  Thunder God and Aries started laughing.

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“It was the scariest night of my life. The worst i have faced”. It was the beginning of grandpa palandin’s tale to his little executioners grandsons.” I was sent on a mission to the planet castleria for an undercover mission along with champion. The planet was weird. And the sky ominous. We were to get the honor badges and gems covering the tomb of immortep. We landed on our ornithopters. Moving towards the pyramid we heard the screech of bats .. as we looked the bats disappeared. There were weird pumpkins flying in the sky. They seemed to celebrate our forthcoming death. Just as we entered the door slammed closed. We felt as if someone was behind us. Someone quick like a ninja. As we reached the tomb. We found immortep lying in his tomb. Champion tried to remove his gem. And something happened. The walls shook. And reapers come flying out of it.. to harvest our oul. Werewolves came out of ground. Little savage ogres came out of pillars.  The immortep revived . the rest is not to be spoken about. “
The little executioners trembled in shock. An pumpkin was found behind their head laughing
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After a tiring and eventful day you come back to your home and lay on your bed. You feel the warmth in your sleepy eyes as you close them. An intense feeling of relaxation surges through you as you yawn and soon you dose off into dreamland.  

You are awakened by a loud howl that sends shivers down your spine. Your eyes shoot open and you are sitting on your bed.  Your heart is beating fast. You hear something growling at a distance. As you slowly turn your gaze towards the sound, your heart beat increases. You see the bright yellow eyes and shiny teeth of a creature out of your nightmares. You are frozen in fear as you now know for sure that it is a Werewolf.  You want to move, you want to run, you want to scream but you cannot. Every muscle in your body is frozen in fear and refuses to respond to you. The only thing you can hear is you breathing, your heart beating and the Werewolf growling.  Suddenly behind the Werewolf through your open bedroom door you see something run across. It seemed to be a hollow pumpkin head with a purple cloak with starry designs on it. The werewolf notices the pumpkin creature and runs after it.

You sit still on your bed frozen and unable to think, adrenaline rushing through you. As you calm down you begin noticing your surroundings. It is very cold in the room and extremely dark. Faint moonlight comes through your shattered windows. You reach for your cell and feel webs breaking off you. Your entire body is covered by webs and dust. You try to dust it off as you pick up your dusty cell. The battery seems to be dead. You get up and walk towards the light switch. As you walk you observe your room more clearly. It looks like no one has been in the place for at least a decade. You press the light switch knowing that it wouldn’t work, but hoping against hope that it does. Unfortunately as expected there is no power supply.  
You look out the broken window to the street below. You can smell the wet earth and see the street glistening as though it had just rained. You look up to see a clear sky filled with stars and a full moon. You have never seen so many stars in the sky before. You cannot see any lights as far as your eye can see. You decide to leave your room and search for others. As you leave you perceive the silence as a bad omen.  You exit your domicile and something peculiar catches your eye. You see the silhouettes of two creatures standing on top of the façade of the house across the street. One of them is holding a shiny dagger and the other has a mask and two swords on his back. They notice you and disappear. You lower your gaze and see a snowman standing on the lawn of the same house. A snowman when there is no snow around? You are confused. It slowly turns its head and stares at you with the dead eyes of a doll. You can feel the familiar fear slowly creeping back. The image of a creepy pumpkin appears on the snowman’s head. In a flash of yellow a gang of monsters appears in front of you.

You see the werewolf and the pumpkin, the assassin with the dagger and the ninja with his swords and many other shady creatures staring at you. They are all so frightening, intimidating and ghastly. You are drenched in a cold sweat and frozen the same as before. All you can do now is observe as a swarm of bats appears and amidst them a figure materializes. He is ever so elegant and formidable. You know you are in a dire situation when you see the fangs on him. He is a vampire. Then you come face to face with the face of death himself, the reaper. With the skeleton body and the scythe he uses to reap your soul, facing death you are terrified. To top things of you see an apparition, a spirit of sorts floating in the air with a ghostly white body and shining purple eyes. You look up and you know you have found the leader of the gang, a dragon ever so ferocious with purple scales that seem to be impenetrable.  You fear him and yet revere and respect him for his strength. You see the flame building up in his mouth but you stand frozen in fear, knowing what fate awaits you. In an instant you are covered in flames as hot as hell. You feel them burn through you. You finally let out a scream, but it sounds like a howl. You are back on your bed and see the werewolf in your room again.

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                                                Rage against the mage! F2p life

The F2P Player, with his pet dog Smirf, goes to see a CC Spirit Mage, who says she cannot bring him STORM MASER back. Instead, F2P says that he wants revenge; the Spirit Mage agrees to help F2P Player, but she warns him that vengeance comes with a terrible GEM PRISE.
CC brings Event called out to him and said Goine It, but PumpkinDuke kills hise dreams. F2P Player experiences the murder through the ORDINARY AND ELITE monster's eyes. While the BASE search for TOWN HALL 14, PumpkinDuke drags away F2P GEMs, and F2P experiences he's callected GEMs die. He returns to the CC Spirit Mage and begs her to get PumpkinDuke. The Mage laughs mockingly and says that PumpkinDuke cannot be Get so Easily. She warns that F2P Player that his callected GEMs will also die if he spens them.
PumpkinDuke Is captures by F2P GILDS Frieands, and as F2P Player experiences the murder of hes luck, GILD is terrified to see that F2P head now resembles PumpkinDuke head's. The Gild runs and finds F2P Player struggling to get PD,but PumpkinDuke kill's all dreams. F2P Player stumbles out of the Base but is accidentally stabbed in the arm by a CC update. Both F2P Plyer and PumpkinDuke cry out in pain, and PumpkinDuke runs away. F2P Player notices that PumpkinDuke's head is turning more human, then F2P Player realizes that he and PumpkinDuke are one: the only way to kill PumpkinDuke is to die himself.
                                        THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

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Executioner's Death

Executioner had not expected to meet the woman of his life, but there she was strolling along the base of lmLegendary's guildmate. Executioner knew he had seen her before. Was it in Storm Mesa?Is it... Frost Witch?

Executioner tried to keep her talking. He wanted to see what's under the veil, which covered her face. Executioner told her about his adventures in Here Be Monsters. But she wouldn't say a word.After he kept talking to her, she suddenly stopped and turned to face him. He caught a glimpse of her shiny, dark eyes.

"What do you want“ she asked with a surprisingly deep, soft voice.
"I just want a date“ Executioner said.

After a few moments she said, „I do not know. Meet me tomorrow at the same time and I will tell you.“ She walked away in a fast pace. Executioner's heart was beating really fast. He was excited.

The next day Executioner arrived at the base a couple minutes late, because the fight against the boss was very tiring. But... Frost Witch wasn't there. He decided to wait a couple minutes. But she still hadn't shown up.

Suddenly, he heard a loud scream.

With a sad heart, Executioner walked back to his home, lmLegendary's base. When he arrived, Executioner noticed, the mailbox contained a letter. "Hmm...strange“ he thought. "We haven't been attacked in ages“ When he opened it, he was surprised to see, that he had received a letter from Frost Witch, telling him to meet her at the base again the next day. Executioner asked himself "How does she know where I live?"

That kept Executioner's hopes up and so he decided to meet her again. This time he did not show up late. Frost Witch was already waiting for him next to the Hero Altar. They chatted for hours.

Executioner really wanted to see her face, which was known to be the most beautiful in Castle Clash, so he removed the veil.When the veil was removed, he was shocked to see his biggest enemy's face...Reaper! His glowing, blue eyes stared right into Executioner's.His ghastly face made Executioner's heart stop. The earth under them opened up, reavealing reaper's tomb. He was trapped by Reaper's withered arms. With a laugh of triumph, Reaper pulled Executioner down into his tomb to harvest his soul.

Executioner died.

Word Count - 393

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