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[Event] Halloween Spooky Stories

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If i die while sleep tight, you can blame Werewolf and Vlad, for they are masters of the night
If i die with burned spots, you can blame TG and SM, for their skills are so hot
If i die without any sweat, you can blame SZ, Ice Demon and FW, for they dont like heat
If i die in shocks, you can blame painda, cyclop and mino, for their skills really rock
If i die like a suicide, you can blame Atlanticore, for he can turnback any weapon like his own child
If i die without my head, you can blame PD, for he'll cut it while celebrate
If i die in peace, you can blame Cupid, SQ and Angel, for they're looked like my babies
If i die happy, you can blame Assassin and Succie, for they are
If i die alone, then it's wrong, yeah it's wrong, for this ain't a love song, I WILL TAKE YOU ALL ALONG.

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Legend Of Dalcowboiz

All the dark souls are under a Grand Duke, he was named as VladDracula. This s ...

i just saw colors and saw all heroes and start reading... and it is  sooo interesting.. nice work...{:2_31:}

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The Elegant Visitor

Another quiet night. A few clouds over the dark sky, but not a real treat. Mounting guard at the camp's edge, the GUARDIAN gazed slowly down the CASTLE's WALLS in the illuminated plane below, whitened by the MOON's LIGHT. Beyond the plane was the SOUTH FOREST, casting a shadowy deep darkness the moonlight could not penetrate, infested by all wild critters and gigantic beasts.

About that forest he had heard stories of half guardians' BODY found on the ground, the other part nowhere to be seen. For others just their armoring remained, and still intact too. He did suspect they were over at the warehouse now, being sold as new. Others furthermore had turned in STRANGE COLORINGS, probably by some deadly poison. Did never venture inside it, and he never would - that sure.

There are things though, you just cannot avoid.

He was there - enjoying the flame crackling over the LARGE guardians' TENT torches - when his eye falls onto something out of place. Was not there a singular figure moving along the plane? And ... he leaned over the parapet to see more - was HE not FLOATING steadily forward? At least one-two meters off the ground! Five fellow guardians from BELOW THE WALL moved to intercept the stranger.

The guardian, proud, son of guardians, could not oppose that feeling of a shiver rushing all the way down his back, and then he turned in a twist to ... but again he could not - make that general call of alarm. For he was looking up a nearly full moon, its white disk large as three cannon balls in hands. Yet its light disappeared as the air around the castle wall was capped by DOZENS OF WAVY GIANT BAT WINGS!

This happened all so fast and unexpected that the guardian lingered, nailed on the spot by his surprise.

As he caught up with his own self, this was only to discover, dismay, that he could ... nothing, just passive spectator of the cries that followed, which were drawing more guardians from the LARGE TENT to end bitten into by those .. HUGE ... HAIRY ... VORACIOUS, MERCILESS and SO FAST MOVING flying critters!

The macabre show of sturdy men caught by feet claws, so STRONG that in two could BEHALF a man by twisting and pulling one off the shoulders, the other off the thighs. He saw ANOTHER GUARDIAN weaving his GLITTERING sword to keep the creeps at bay, ending bitten into EVERY LIMB. His SKIN WHITENED as he was hopelessly struggling, his vitality fading away in a matter of seconds, and as he became still - POP - off they flap with each limb torn apart - which will end flying off the castle wall - while all of his WEARINGS, mainly armoring, drop down emptied, not a single blood spot to be seen anywhere.
He did ... want to turn away from such vision and find escape, though he was surrounded - but was not only for this reason that he did ... TURN to look back over the wall.

Since that FIGURE far in the field below was now RIGHT BEFORE HIM, floating at WALL HEIGHT, and was ... really ... DRESSED VERY REFINED! The guardian did not know why he noticed this, since the stranger had other much more exceptional traits, like his GREY STONE like skin and UTTERLY WHITE EYES, POINTED EARS and MUZZLED FACE with LONG CANINE SHARP TEETH jutting down - and besides ...

..there was this GIANT BAT that had BADLY bitten into the very guardian's neck, after all!!

The guardian felt his own strengths abandoning him. He immediately tried to get free of the critter's hold but the only thing that moved was his torso - you would have seen it shaking a bit.

Was it too late already? Really, really hopeless this looked. In fact he was NOT EVEN HOLDING UP WITH HIS OWN LEGS. It was the critter hold keeping him up still...

As the sight was fading, the guardian wondered about this visitor standing high in front of him, who ignoring him was focused on the battle, eyes tainted of an intense red pulsing every moment, gesticulating feverishly with his arms, to which an explosion followed somewhere, as cries of intense pain. A DEVIOUS being, so uptight and cold yet ... SPARKLING in such elegancy of the appreciation of life and self-care, more than the guardian himself, had to admit.

He was leaving no heritage behind. As the light disappeared from the guardian's consciousness, he forced onto it, to turn his head, to look a last time to that dark, lush and so dangerous forest - now ELEGANTLY coated in the moonlight, that had ... COME TO HIM.


The stranger was slowly walking, while observing the main HALL of the castle: a well fortified structure itself. He lowered the CUP in his hand, to the GIANT BAT's mouth, who was footing nearby. And the bat coughed some of the blood he had sucked into it.

The stranger, with an elegant gesture, carried it to the mouth to sip. He suddenly detached from the ground and floated upwards, higher and higher, above the CASTLE HALL itself. He cleaned his mouth with a handkerchief, an elaborated V and D embroidered in gold. His gaze intent all around, he spoke out to himself, his tone quite harsh "I may even settle here. Since it comes across the forest... I think I'll name it Tr@nSylva .. nia1!" *

*In latin, trans means across, and silva is the woods.

Somewhere else, in all another dimension, we find instead krikara_loss, contacting Live Support. A guy named Alan replays writing: "I am sorry to inform you, that after all due researches, no account corresponding to the ID you provided or with the nickname you provided results registered actually or ever, even in the past, on our servers."

Elsewhere. CC players who had sent their requests to be able to write a decent spooky and goofy story with a bit more than just tight miserable 500 words, do not receive any replay from krikara. Until krikara decided to give up and start a new account. But that, as storytellers say, is all another story..

Word count: 796 (1045 with epilogue)

If you want to cut it at 500, do it. I could not manage.

// now Redolves (on wp)

// ex Runstrong

// Ex BR guild leader (facebook)

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will it really happening?

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will it really happening? Giving gems for all...

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will it really happening? Giving gems for all...

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Once there were two kids, pumpkin duke and cupid who were preparing for their annual trip to trick or treat during Halloween. They were greeted by death the grizzly reaper who warned them of a dark storm that will approach them tomorrow and that he will come for them. The two kids were shaking at first but remember that their trick or treat ritual must never be broken, so they went and defy against death warning. During that night of trick or treat, they accumulated a lot of candy and were enjoying their time see a lot of weird costume as some were dress as shaman, hill giant, thor aka thunder god, and even in lingerie. They approached the last and most popular house which was a mansion that had a cemetery entrance. When suddenly a dark mysterious figured appeared which they couldn’t decipher. The mysterious figured at first looked like chucky so they walked backward as they were scared, when all of sudden a swarm of bat erupted from the ground and engulfing the area in darkness. Then came the mysterious floating figure slowly toward them. Pumpkin duke attempted to throw his candy to stray away the figured. But it did not work. Cupid attempted to shoot her arrow, but it also did not work. As the mysterious figured finally approached them, it became cleared to them that it was Dracula who appeared to suck their blood. They two kids were so frighten that they scream and ran for their life but they were reeled in by bats and there they saw death who greeted them. Should’ve head my warning said death and death took their life.
The End.

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It was a normal evening, on the castle clash land when sudently our hero snowzilla the only legendary hero capable of defending the whole village heard a terrifying noise, he was stunned whit that horrible noise, but he had a reputation to defend so he decided to venture out into the woods in a quest to find the source of the noise, snowzilla eventualy reached a dark crypt, bats came out of that crypt and the noise was even louder this time, snowzilla paniced and flinched right in front of the crypt, moments after a gigantic bat emerged out of the crypt, it was vlad whit army of bats, snowzilla ran back to the village and never saw vlad again, from that day further everybody knew the legend of vlad but no one has ever seen him, the can only hope to see him in the halloween day, cause lets be honest who woudnt want to see a cool looking vampire? The End

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As a blacksmith Jack sat their last money in the bar, consuming mugs of ale, one after another. And no matter how heady ale intoxicate the mind, bringing all your dreams to reality, but the money has come to an end. So it was with Jack.
Drunk blacksmith finishing his last cup of Irish drink when the bar appeared on the verge of the devil - it was on the eve of All Saints Day, so that he was able to walk around freely among the living. Stingy Jack was ready to do anything for mugs of ale, even in exchange of his soul on intoxicating drink. So the smith made ​​a deal with the devil promised him to give his soul after that will give him plenty to drink. Wickedness to buy alcohol for a portion of the promised Jack had become a coin. There is a blacksmith and not confused - he grabbed the gold and put it in your pocket, where lay a silver cross.
Writhing in agony beside the cross, the devil begged for mercy. At that Jack made ​​him promise that he would give him another ten years of quiet life.
Time passed, and the meeting was inevitable. In his dying request, Jack spoke about the apple, eat that last was his big dream. The Devil agreed to the last service and stood on the shoulders of a blacksmith to pull up the fruit hanging on the tree. At this point, crafty Jack scribbled on the bark of apple cross, and the wickedness of the trick again caught the blacksmith. In exchange for his freedom again devil promised never to touch Jack.
But human life is not eternal, and once Jack had to say goodbye to her. After leaving the world of the living soul of a blacksmith came in purgatory. But God, seeing tricks Irish drunks, refused to take his soul to heaven. The road to hell, too, was closed for duschi Jack smith, the devil once he has fulfilled this promise.
So Jack had nowhere to go - in the darkness, he not only lost the peace, but also road that came to the devil. Blacksmith had to ask the owner of hell-fire, and he gave Jack a smoldering charcoal from his fire. A wind blew out to the dim light of last resort, the Irishman carved from a turnip, lying in his pocket, and put a hole in it ember.
To this day, Jack travels along the ground, waiting for the day of Judgment.

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I was playing Castle Clash and walking down the street coming home from work about ten at Halloween night. It was dark and I heard screams and saw shadows everywhere. I was frightened! A creature jumped out of nowhere and said " Gimme your Favour!" It had a sword and it wore an armour suit. It held its sword right up against my neck. I didnt say anything. I was just terrified! I thought it was going to kill me. I jus handed over both and it just dissappeard. I was trembling for ten minutes. I couldnt move. I ve never been so frightened in all my life.