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[Event] [Event Guide] How to Post on Event

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Posted on 6/28/15 3:04:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

At some point few players/users do have problems on setting their post in EVENTS which leads them to disqualification of entry and lose their chance upon getting the prize on the participated event.

Here, I present to you a way on how to post correctly upon responding on the EVENTS to meet the qualification procedures. The directions are very easy.

A.) Read the direction of the events well. If the directions requires some rules or points to remember, make sure you pay attention on the given one to avoid making mistakes. Normally, Players/Users encounter misunderstanding regarding the directions which leads to getting disqualified or forfeiture. Some do not follow direction as given, others do follow but doesn't pay attention upon understanding the point. Read well. If there is question in regards with the event you can always ask here --> Event Q&A Thread

B.) Filling up details for player/user information & uploading image.
There are only 5 things to remember and see to understand how to reply on the EVENT participation procedure. 


1.) In game IGG ID: this is your ID number which is located on your game settings. 

2.) Servers: There are few servers in the game like US, Taiwan, German, Russian or other given servers. (Normally you can see that on your in-game settings which point out on LANGUAGE used on the game)

3.) IGN : this is your "in-game" name. The one that shows on the game itself.

4.) Platform: is for Android, Amazon, IOS, Facebook etc.

5.) How to Upload Picture: There is 2 options a.) upload by links which taken from image up-loader online (only links showing) and b.) Upload image direct to post from your devices or computer. (this image is compose of certain size on image)

I hope this helps you guys.

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Ya it did...

Give me Pumpkin Duke
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I thought you were gonna explain the unwritten rules in a sub-forum where people would actually see them. Oh well, nice guide anyway.

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very helpful!
Thank YOU!

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Warning has been issued  Warning

Misteriuz Boyz...
I wont to Justice...
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I live in Serbia, east Europe, CC is in english, so which server am I using?

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I want a new heros

Ahaddout rifi
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But where do I fill in the information? I cant find it! :I