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[Event] [Winner's List] The Great CC Laughter Challenge!

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Posted on 10/26/17 9:08:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Great CC Laughter Challenge! Winner's List

69saberathSaberathAmazon5 Fountain Tokens
6SasukeUchihaPLSasukeUchihaPLAndroid5 Foutain Tokens
103696336963Android5 Foutain Tokens
15freezedfreezedAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
18OxylusRoyal-HunterAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
19mits007mits87Android300 Gems
31ChinChin1585Android5 Fountain Tokens
36FggddfgffddssaAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
38DukerinoAStilesAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
50Peter195peterezicahAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
53ChiralCatastrophyGtrglagplopAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
54dedotoni2610Android5 Fountain Tokens
56Mracnilisac63787036Android5 Fountain Tokens
58fantaghiroHaemeeAndroid300 Gems
5917530924FemalewarriorAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
63PossessedKenshi_AMB_Android5 Fountain Tokens
71OIgorBrOIgorBrAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
72HardsysHardsysAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
78LordKennyS2LordkennySAndroid300 Gems
80KxtremeKxtremeAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
94LeoNineGRLeoNineAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
95zakkyzk74Android5 Fountain Tokens
96Ondrashek06Ondrashek06Android5 Fountain Tokens
97BdogB-dog69Android5 Fountain Tokens
98Dejani28282Gyhsybyhy27eAndroid300 Gems
99♛Mirror♛mirroredeyes1Android300 Gems
105indrenindren1Android5 Fountain Tokens
109AvengingAngelCooper786Android5 Fountain Tokens
111PepsoscopepsoscoAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
112BrendonLBrendonLAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
114ProfesorProfesorikebaraAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
115(85760062)TimoniusAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
118pelar19pelarAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
120CryyHasoBoss96Android5 Fountain Tokens
121Fares_melhemKinfaresAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
130UMCTRSUmcatalinAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
138WanUchihaTheYellowFlash12Android300 Gems
142OhhhYeahhh06OhhhYeahhhAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
1492ndLegionfktanAndroid300 Gems
151KriceksKriceksAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
161(441867490)behshadddAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
164Vahid38BBlackBird1Android5 Fountain Tokens
165Qwerty76qwerty76Android5 Fountain Tokens
169IonLightIonlightAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
175Quang-tkQuang-TKAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
180SsibalnomssibalnomAndroid5 Fountain Tokens
11ccGaming8462clans#2iOS5 Fountain Tokens
17OG24comunknownoneiOS5 Fountain Tokens
28KresLaikimoiOS5 Fountain Tokens
82MatsiboyI-KILL-YA-123iOS300 Gems
125Benster12Benster12iOS5 Fountain Tokens
126XerJrasd11iOS5 Fountain Tokens
30LOle4rAidanpoWP/WS5 Fountain Tokens
55xcampxCampfireWP/WS5 Fountain Tokens
62CHarles_HellenCharles_HellenWP/WS5 Fountain Tokens
89xfxfATTRIWP/WS5 Fountain Tokens
173OZVALDO44nadjibWP/WS5 Fountain Tokens

Congratulations To All The Winners!!!

>>Event Link<<
**Please be advised that no one entry stood out as extremely hilarious so no top prize will be awarded**

Please Note: Gems will be added to Gem totals and Tokens must be claimed from mailbox - Rewards will be received within 5 business days.


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Posted on 10/26/17 10:07:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Congratulations to all the winners!
And thank you again mod team once again another great event

Posted on 10/26/17 11:49:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Can see the answer, please?
i want read and laugh on this funny event.

Posted on 10/27/17 12:08:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Posted on 10/27/17 1:33:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the 5 FT , great event. Keep the good work
Congratulations to all the other winners

Posted on 10/27/17 9:27:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

who won 500gems and 10tokens?

Posted on 10/27/17 11:42:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Would it possible to make a list of the winning entries?

Posted on 10/27/17 11:53:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

it clearly says nobody one top prize because nobody was that funny

Posted on 10/28/17 10:52:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you so much mods, another great event.