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[Event] [Winner's List] Castle Clash All Hallows Eve - Spot the Difference

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 Castle Clash All Hallows Eve - Spot the Difference Winners


100 Creation-01 SS

53mits007mits87AndroidTrixie Treat
99LonelyCrowLonelyCrowAndroidTrixie Treat
129EatmeCorthaliOSTrixie Treat

Additional Random Discretionary Awards

90SalakisXDSalakisXDAmazon200 Gems
112OmniscientOmniscienceAmazon200 Gems
2PhoenixCroPhoenixCroAndroid200 Gems
5LeaderComLeaderComAndroid200 Gems
6OxylusRoyal-HunterAndroid200 Gems
7SasukeUchihaPLSasukeUchihaPLAndroid200 Gems
9Axxaxinblitzz89Android200 Gems
18tradgardsmastarenfreddie2222Android200 Gems
42RadicalrobRadicalrobAndroid200 Gems
44seipySeipyAndroid200 Gems
48Mode_RXRxucmodelAndroid200 Gems
51Skull_Knight996kruatAndroid200 Gems
60BrendonLBrendonLAndroid200 Gems
63SsibalnomssibalnomAndroid200 Gems
75OIgorBrOIgorBrAndroid200 Gems
77KriceksKriceksAndroid200 Gems
91behshadbehshadddAndroid200 Gems
92Hhhammad123Hhhammad123Android200 Gems
97SulfurrrSulfurrrAndroid200 Gems
98komp123noobplaAndroid200 Gems
100CeciliaRosemSkyreaperAndroid200 Gems
106110055176sjiesjoowAndroid200 Gems
113StefanGGC1StefanGC25Android200 Gems
114KuyaKimKongKuyaKimKongAndroid200 Gems
116PhilosopherkingHangroarAndroid200 Gems
117nightraydernightrayderAndroid200 Gems
131ResurrectionFResurrectionFAndroid200 Gems
135Marizbert13thPirateAndroid200 Gems
137FloppyderpRuroniAndroid200 Gems
156iMesutOziliMesutOzilAndroid200 Gems
160viperstrike2015viperstrike2015Android200 Gems
8RobinKnightRobinKnightiOS200 Gems
46AceManAceMan26iOS200 Gems
66tahlabaTahlabaiOS200 Gems
80DametredametreiOS200 Gems
138mabu-mabumabu-mabuiOS200 Gems
158vika12345destany312iOS200 Gems
159cheezenips453cheezenips453iOS200 Gems
162juank_killer777juank_killer777iOS200 Gems
68CHarles_HellenCharles_HellenWP/WS200 Gems
78Dera_8Dera8WP/WS200 Gems
145Anarchy99_RaR@WP/WS200 Gems

Correct Response = 19

Congratulations to all the Winners!!!

>>Event Link<<

Gems will be added to your balance, Heroes and Soulstones will be sent to your mailbox within (5) business days.


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dang needed that TT for equipment :D gratz to all winners, thanks for the host @team :)

Der hier angezeigte Beitrag stellt meine Meinung dar.
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I found all 19 difference and marked well.. bt y my name not in winner's list.?? This event is only for p2p?? If yes.. first mention on the event name.. mine 140 th comment..  check and say wt I missed?

Posted on 11/2/17 6:06:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you for organizing the event First Lady.

Appreciate your hard work to give us challenges to solve and vetting the submissions.


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Is it a problem if I changed my IGN after the winners were announced?

Posted on 11/2/17 7:24:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nevermind it was on another event

Posted on 11/2/17 8:20:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Congrats all winners! I didn't win this round, but thank you for this event. Please have more of this kind cos I love 'Spot the Differences' game. ahhaha...

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Thank you for this wonderful event, and congratulations to all the winners

Posted on 11/3/17 5:31:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the nice Event! Was a lot of fun :)

A lot too addicted to CC <3