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[Event] [Winner's List] Castle Clash Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

[Copy link] 15/1966

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Will we be able to see the rest of the entries and not just the winners?

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Congratulations and Happy Holidays to all :)

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First prize goes to this :(

Image Source :
Google Search :
*i don't want harass anybody personally* 

Second prize goes to this :(

Image Source :
Google Search :
*i don't want harass anybody personally* 

Third prize goes to this :(

Image Source :

copied form IGG Facebook page

*i don't want harass anybody personally* 

who select those images without checking and what will be the genuinity of events held on this forum;and please tell me why am disqualified, and show me the exact proof what am copied or ill post myself here. looking forward to officials replies. Thanks

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Posted on 12/9/17 12:31:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@iMesutOzil, You say very early on that you don't want to harass anyone, but it appears to be just the opposite.  Every pic was indeed checked, and while most used generic google pics, some did use a level of creativity making them Castle Clash themed.  

Your 1st place source is completely wrong, 2nd place used a pic as a background for Castle Clash heroes and their own sentiment, What you list as 3rd is actually 4th place and was hand drawn, copied or not it took a level of skill.  

Since you asked for an official reply, your pic was not deemed to be either original or Castle Clash related, as it contained not one element of Castle Clash.  In fact is was a rather generic pic with just as generic a sentiment.  We know it was copied, but since you didn't meet the requirements of the event itself, there is no need to post your source.

"Event Details:
- Tell us what you are thankful in your original Castle Clash themed Thanksgiving Card!
- Your Card should include a short message no more than 100 Words.
- Cards can be hand drawn or created with the use of any editing software you choose."

In the future you should understand when participating in events requiring personal perception, that the personal perception of those responbile for final selection might not agree with yours. You should also be certain when challenging the opinion of others, that you actually have a solid foundation by which to issue a challenge.  While some might have had valid grounds to challenge the outcome, in this case it is painfully clear that "YOU" should have left it alone given that your entry did not even meet the requirements even with the google search pic used.  If anything your post only identified you as an individual lacking *sportsmentship, after all events are a form of competition and one should never attempt to compete if they can not graciously accept the outcome. (at least outwardly)  I think I should stop here even though there is a lot more I can say to someone whose response is the above post to people who take the time to provide you an opportunity to win free items.


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Iam a editor and made that sketch using online editing .... and then i uploaded it on Cc forum to win rewards but you guys are not accepting it and saying that i don't comply with our requirements its k i accept and understood but you can clearly see the pic of Pumpkin duke holding thanks giving bucket it can easily do with mobile editing software i am sure about that its not hand sketch :D. but still you are saying that am copied and thats not fair at all i spent so many hours on making this design.

my sugg is on next forum event onwards before saying copycats you should atleast show me some proofs that from where i copied anyhow but ill take this as sportsmanship and will participate more events held by igg until i win

anyway thanks for the event Hun FirstLady. Have good day

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Posted on 12/9/17 5:54:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Next Thanksgiving, you should include a pumpkin or something.  Anything orange really as when you think of Fall, you think of the foliage of orange leaves.  Purple has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

Also, I didn't realize being a photo editor was so easy.  Perhaps I should've been one instead of a Concept Artist/Digital Painter..