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[Event] [FB Event] Castle Clash T-Shirt Design Contest

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Posted on 1/18/18 8:36:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Clashers, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing once again! This time, we want cool and original T-shirt designs from you. Join the contest now and blow us away with your creativity! 

Event Period:
Jan 15th, 2018 - Jan 28th, 2018 (GMT-5)

Outstanding Prize (5 winners): 30,000 Gems & 5 Karmic Rock III
Honorable Mention (No limit): 1,500 Gems & 5 Karmic Rock I

Entry Requirements:
1. Your design must include the Castle Clash logo.
2. Your design must contain elements from Castle Clash.
3. Download and use the T-shirt template: 

Event Details:
1. Participants may download relevant materials here:
2. Your design must be original. Entries made solely by copying-and-pasting existing material will be disqualified. 
3. For easy reference, please include the following details on the image you submit: IGG ID, game platform, name, email address. 
4. Submit your entries to []. 
5. A Castle Clash administrator may contact Outstanding Prize winners for PSD files.
6. Honorable Mention winners are deemed by our judges to have met all entry requirements. 
7. Each participant may only qualify for one prize.
8. Prizes will be delivered to the winners within 3 working days after the event.
9. The Castle Clash team reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event, its details, and its rewards.

Terms and conditions apply:

                                            >>CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE<<

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