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[Event] [Winner's List] Guardians of the Cake

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Posted on 7/24/18 2:09:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guardians of the Cake Winners

3ALBubseyALBubseyAmazonPrime HC III
5Trent1234Trent1234AndroidPrime HC III
7marcinekmarcinek34AndroidPrime HC III
9PanopticonBolt-SlayerAndroidPrime HC III
11MimasBepsyyAndroidPrime HC III
15DromiDromichaitesAndroidPrime HC III
20SasukeUchihaPLSasukeUchihaPLAndroidPrime HC III
37b_najafpourb_najafpourAndroidPrime HC III
43The-GreatestypnAndroidPrime HC III
46SisopaTactimoAndroidPrime HC III
54Mojtaba133mbhigfhdyd5AndroidPrime HC III
57D_D_00DaddyDickoAndroidPrime HC III
78CeciliaRose--AuroraSky--AndroidPrime HC III
83Xx_Skyll_knight_xXVeeti1234567899AndroidPrime HC III
91blanket00blanket00AndroidPrime HC III
93QuiirexQuiirexAndroidPrime HC III
98masoudsunDevil_BladeAndroidPrime HC III
108IHCAkiraademsediriAndroidPrime HC III
116SagunMike_sagunAndroidPrime HC III
119FvbbjjjkFvbbjjjkAndroidPrime HC III
140BulamKaziBulamAndroidPrime HC III
150MeysamMISNooBKoshAndroidPrime HC III
156skiNdowNskiNdowNAndroidPrime HC III
173kingsamkokingsamkoAndroidPrime HC III
183SlvySlvyAndroidPrime HC III
184EggmanEggMan3AndroidPrime HC III
188brawLioSbrawLioSAndroidPrime HC III
189vissiVissiVasikasAndroidPrime HC III
196Ipexratheunknown1009AndroidPrime HC III
254AesironeAesironeAndroidPrime HC III
2593696336963AndroidPrime HC III
268DemonSmasher42marjdhkAndroidPrime HC III
272110055176sjiesjoowAndroidPrime HC III
291Kamraan96Kamraan96AndroidPrime HC III
292fantaghiroHaemeeAndroidPrime HC III
307hecalijr74hecalijr74AndroidPrime HC III
308Julian0046Julian_046AndroidPrime HC III
318SarkashSarkashAndroidPrime HC III
328Axxaxinblitzz89AndroidPrime HC III
330Raviprakash11GangsterbuddyAndroidPrime HC III
338abcd2018abcd2018AndroidPrime HC III
342seipySeipyAndroidPrime HC III
361SantaXGFY0410AndroidPrime HC III
365拉拉拉xvuixvAndroidPrime HC III
375Mode_RXRxucmodelAndroidPrime HC III
394atobwindwhisperrAndroidPrime HC III
399AlVlIRI_dontcareAndroidPrime HC III
401StratosHsStratosHSAndroidPrime HC III
404Stingmcbee2StingmcbeeAndroidPrime HC III
418KillingWithMercyFriendlyFir3AndroidPrime HC III
435lStickylllStickyllAndroidPrime HC III
443Skuldhellollllooolop98ikAndroidPrime HC III
445MajkBar1MajkBar1AndroidPrime HC III
447PatluspapparlusthebombAndroidPrime HC III
448Wes218Swes218AndroidPrime HC III
449TramPhamSatouAndroidPrime HC III
453MicroHMSLegionToMaxAndroidPrime HC III
456Nikolay200Vino203AndroidPrime HC III
458jackasss73jacksss734AndroidPrime HC III
466antohanIbchantohanIbchAndroidPrime HC III
468AccentaccentAndroidPrime HC III
470tigorleocadiotigorleocadioAndroidPrime HC III
483Butterfly6777butterfly677AndroidPrime HC III
484dkskfjfdkskfjfAndroidPrime HC III
490MisfitThe_misfitAndroidPrime HC III
492darknessmmdissloveAndroidPrime HC III
496Trevor86Trevor86AndroidPrime HC III
498Adska13422566AndroidPrime HC III
508CycjanCycjanAndroidPrime HC III
509AlphawolfG5AlphaGroutAndroidPrime HC III
520TheeLongWayFresh1000AndroidPrime HC III
539HooDLuMHaruroTharurotAndroidPrime HC III
542ScorpionKing10ScorpionKing10AndroidPrime HC III
550Chikus4uchikusAndroidPrime HC III
553DhuumDhuumAndroidPrime HC III
554MustajMustajAndroidPrime HC III
557EhecatlLordeGreenAndroidPrime HC III
572yTsukuneTsukune0823AndroidPrime HC III
590TomppiTomppiAndroidPrime HC III
592argentoArgento1711AndroidPrime HC III
595Sebi_2017Sebi-2017AndroidPrime HC III
599BAbabaceetjeceAndroidPrime HC III
605insomniacnir_Prof-PAbLO_AndroidPrime HC III
621radioactive12121radioactive1212AndroidPrime HC III
622gregory512drtffffAndroidPrime HC III
628PBRdude-btb6-JP-AndroidPrime HC III
631tintchytintchyFTWAndroidPrime HC III
632Sameh1986SamAbdelmassihAndroidPrime HC III
636WeroleytorWeroleytorAndroidPrime HC III
641mangokok--keen--AndroidPrime HC III
642Xeikor1XeikorAndroidPrime HC III
644ThirstyGorillaThirstyGorillaAndroidPrime HC III
649Nudelholz45bennifrafterAndroidPrime HC III
663PeKingPeKing_PeanutAndroidPrime HC III
691geosporingeosporinAndroidPrime HC III
707McahnmcahnMcahnAndroidPrime HC III
709LunaarlunaarAndroidPrime HC III
713JRandwtorm3AndroidPrime HC III
718lorenzogs18lorenzogs18AndroidPrime HC III
720YamlaTYamlaTAndroidPrime HC III
721imperiumB_GamerZAndroidPrime HC III
724GangstahPlatinum-AndroidPrime HC III
731TsunTsunAlexCorshunAndroidPrime HC III
733IndexOne-HeroAndroidPrime HC III
16nezucchinezucchiiOSPrime HC III
17KarllawlerDarkassassin69iOSPrime HC III
260NohamburgerNohamburgeriOSPrime HC III
262MightyBombJackMarco_CirocsiiOSPrime HC III
278vika12345SPb_VictoriaiOSPrime HC III
289KresLaikimoiOSPrime HC III
545Moowuffi9982678iOSPrime HC III
558Nathan_874Morpheus PolluxiOSPrime HC III
719hamdensejehamdensejeiOSPrime HC III
288PocketsPocketsWP/WSPrime HC III
652WinemanRazzWP/WSPrime HC III

Congratulations To All Our Winners!!

>>Event Link<<

Please allow (5) business days for the Hero Cards to be sent to your mailboxes, and do share what you win.


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Posted on 7/24/18 2:35:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

On behalf of IGG we would like to thank you all for your Happy Birthday well wishes, hopefully we will enjoy many more years of Castle Clash.

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Posted on 7/25/18 9:06:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Awesome! Congrats all winners

Posted on 7/25/18 9:15:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you! Congrats all fellow winners!

Posted on 7/25/18 10:51:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Happy Birthday and thanks a million, FirstLady and Saouri!

IGG: Dromichaites
Wegamers: Dromi
Posted on 7/25/18 11:41:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I answered correctly but my name is not in the winners list.please check.

Posted on 7/26/18 1:19:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I did,nt win any event in this form yet and i participated in alot.
    Bytheway congratz to the winner
Note:plz dont say me "next time you will win" coz i already got this courages many times but no win

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Posted on 7/26/18 3:18:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well  , congrats to all the winner and thanks for this wonderful event
I hope I'll win next time. Not complaining at all i have win good stuff from FB giveaway.  Happy anniversary IGG

Posted on 7/26/18 3:45:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Congratulations to all the winners.

And to the people complaining, I'm not going to wish you better luck for next time since you aren't going to appreciate it... my only wish is you all finally start READING rules of participation and details like (The number of special prizes will depend on percentage of valid entries).

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