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[Event] [Winner's List] Castle Clash Valentines Crush

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Posted on 2/8/19 7:43:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Castle Clash Valentines Crush Winners

24Ali666aliCapitanblac666Android1 Prime Lvl 7 Insignia Pk
+ 2,500 Gems
4AmirDeadlyamirbaranAndroid1 Prime Lvl 6 Insignia Pk
+ 2,000 Gems
19masoud728nimoTVAndroid1 Prime Lvl 5 Insignia Pk
+ 1,500 Gems
312334oz-07Android800 Gems
37RezaMotoriSomy1361Android800 Gems
57AvengingAngelCooper786Android800 Gems
50ErmacEnnenraiOS800 Gems
40MazbrooMAZBROAndroid800 Gems
62fantaghiroHaemeeAndroid800 Gems
49noobie4896noobie4896iOS800 Gems
68ashkanr65FreyakruegerAndroid800 Gems
55Ryan103198killerghost123iOS800 Gems
28MicbearMicbear10Amazon800 Gems
47Trevor86Trevor86Android800 Gems
38rozashiiRozashiAndroid800 Gems
69Kamraan96kamraan96_WPAndroid800 Gems
60winzkidzz01WinzkidzzAndroid800 Gems
27The-GreatestPower_Of_YPNAndroid800 Gems

Congratulations to all our winners!!!

>>>Event Link<<<

Please allow (5) business days for gems to be added to your account balance and Insignia pks to be sent to your mailboxes.


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Posted on 2/15/19 2:31:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

didn't win ☹️

Posted on 2/15/19 3:08:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi admins, regarding these event can i ask if u read all the entries? I wasted 1 hour to write an inovative text about a valentine crash and i tried it to be very good and now im wondering if anyone even read it? Mine is #63

Posted on 2/15/19 4:19:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I did exactly what guideline told me to do and I'm pretty sure no one saw my entry, besides that it's quite a surprise that u think innovation is not good... u are telling me that the winner is selected randomly? that's just so strange since the nature of this event isn't based on randomly winner selection and its based on how good the competitors wrote their entries and if u can't see that then i can just say well done with this forum. btw I'm a p2p player and don't need any of those prizes and i only took part in this event bcs i taught its fun and there will be a competition otherwise it will be a waste of time

Posted on 2/15/19 1:26:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Congrats to the winners. Courage to those who didnt so they are charged to participate in the next events...
Thx for organising.

Posted on 2/15/19 11:06:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

you can give small rewards to all valid entries. This way we will be motivated. its really heart breaking to get nothing. Thanks.