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[Event] August edition of "Clashers Sign-In" event.

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Posted on 8/9/19 3:01:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello folks

Today we have another edition of monthly "Clashers Sign-In".
Remember not to miss it (unless you want to miss it on purpose to get Castle Chests II and III at cost of Fame) cause you will have to start all over again. It looks like this:

Event Duration:
9 August - 21 August 23:59 Server Time (13 days)

Here are rewards:
Day 1: Honor Badge Pack III *30
Day 2: Red Crystal Box L *30
Day 3: Castle Chest II *5
Day 4: Castle Chest III *5
Day 5+: Fame Box III *6

This time there is no Cosmic Shrine cards, but we do have 2* more Fame packs than previously.
Also we do have Castle Chests 2 and 3, which can give few interesting rewards like: Karmic Rock I & II, Lv 7 Talent Rune, Empower Crest Set Lv5, Mastery Essence III, Augmenting Stone, Fame Box III, Lv5 Regenerate Talent. Castle Chest III can give 10* Fame Box III. It can be worth for lucky ones skip 5th day, to get more chests.
What are your thoughts about rewards from current edition ? Share your opinion.

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Posted on 8/9/19 4:01:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well I'm happy they increased fame amount at cost of shrine cards coz after getting cosmic shrine i have still 100 shrine cards. Moreover this time rewards are also get changed in courtesy cards and I liked specially prime insignia 5(i would like more if I get even a single revite) however it would be greedy to say but still I'm saying lol that they could replace cosmic temple with year6 bg/winter/ordinary bg coupons. Though overall all rewards this time is better :)

Billi ka Teddy!
Posted on 8/9/19 7:43:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

thnkuuu soo much igggg love u