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Facebook Page Link
IGG is asking for our feedback and gives 300gems in return. Don't miss out on this! 

I'm really glad they ask our opinion about  the game modes, although I'm a little disappointed that the option for adjustments on current game mode rewards only seems to be a option in the guild section. But others don't have to share that opinion with me. I will leave it in the suggestion-box :)

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Thanks for the share hun, any little bit helps:angel:


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Thanks for info. I wonder how much IGG will pay attention to what we wrote.
Still they could pick different image ot GS. Here she is looking like mad, pointing at you and telling "You're next !!!" ;)

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RIP Castle clash  GREED_IGG_.COM...... SLEF_LOTTERS... we asll are quiting we were playing All because of JT but he too quit so... Byes.... ... Guys dont play until _IGG_ change their mind... Thankyou

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I have an idea about exchanging a selected hero with gems or fame this is better so some gems wont be wasted for random rolls that gives snowzilla or other weak heroes what do you think?

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Thanks for your information