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[Event] [Winner's' List] Which cup fills up first?

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Posted on 7/21/20 1:44:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Which cup fills up first? Winners

32MightyConquerorMighty_ConquerorAndroid2K Gems + Superior Traits Card * 5
63Mohamed_elfawyMmmohamed-fawWP/WS2K gems + Superior Traits Card * 5
7521nary_xaos_Android2K gems + Superior Traits Card * 5
83shibinDJoyalJMAndroid2K gems + Superior Traits Card * 5
38cc_with_jenkinsKara_AX400Amazon2K gems + Superior Traits Card * 5
42smit10Sumit-HBSMFAndroid1K Gems
37AfakulAfakulruAndroid1K Gems
24LimperslmslmslmAndroid1K Gems
27aseast$ase$iOS1K Gems
21(87986043)bere97Android1K Gems
67SlightlyVerboseSlightlyVerbose_FTKWP/WS1K Gems
69GriplockGriplockAndroid1K Gems
46MobileStatueSenelAndroid1K Gems
90digits__digits__Android1K Gems
94whatsinanamewhyevenbotherAndroid1K Gems
4Dangercraft01DangerouscraftAndroid1K Gems
89meno159meno15Android1K Gems
61tramaswitziOS1K Gems
31k_j_sKishorsolankiAndroid1K Gems
57DarkSharkBarkLuigi15116Android1K Gems
16Zephrycasearcher7Diamondwolf007Android1K Gems
19noobie4896noobie4896iOS1K Gems
15coolboy1Mirzancool1Android1K Gems
55CambotsoliHgsidAndroid1K Gems
22HasanpreetHHasanpreetAndroid1K Gems
86360rrtRaj360_bnhAndroid1K Gems
39DARKS0ULgarip007Android1K Gems
7Karma_18Xtream143Android1K Gems
48FaisooxXx_FaisaL_xXxWP/WS1K Gems
30Cc_gemsDrNinhAndroid1K Gems
6BAbabaceetjeceAndroid1K Gems
92crappyCrapolaAmazon1K Gems
40xCyb3rxcyb3rWP/WS1K Gems
45Subash6124Subash6124Android1K Gems
60AmritRaryanSinghAmritRaryaniOS1K Gems

Correct Response = Cup #3

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Please allow [5] business days for gems to be added to account balance and cards to be sent to mailboxes.


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Posted on 7/30/20 2:43:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

hurrayy i won 1k gems..really appreaciate these to take part in them ..they r really interesting.. :)

Posted on 7/30/20 8:44:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yahoooo  i won toooooo !
1k gems, accumulation...nice and sweet.
Keep the events coming!  Really appreciate it.

To bad accumulation wasnt yesterday....400 extra gems for zephy would have done the trick. Today only chests. time then...wink

Thx for organising!

Posted on 7/30/20 9:15:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Congrats to all winners. I am also very happy that I found the right answer even though I didn't win.... good event for knowledge testing.

Posted on 7/30/20 12:08:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yippie! 2 of my friends made it :)

Lets make CC great again!

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F2P players club - former heavy P2P n retired on Arena

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Posted on 7/30/20 3:59:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks Firstlady! I won.. wohoooo!!!  I just hope the rewards release was yesterday.. you
Know f2p here and zeph was yesterday in Bazaar'accumulation.  Can' t claim the rewards other day instead? =)

Posted on 7/31/20 11:59:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks! Well appreciated...

Posted on 8/2/20 9:26:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you! Congratulations to all who won.

Posted on 8/12/20 12:19:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only