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[Event] CC-Android Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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In order to maintain a more harmonious forum for our players, we are currently recruiting 3-4 Moderators. If anyone is interested in becoming one of these moderators, then they should read the following requirements and rights to gain a clearer understanding of the overall scope of the position.

Application Requirements:
1.  Already a forum member.
2.  Have time to go on the Forum at least 4 days a week and an active member of the CCForum (meaning they have posted a substantial amount, excluding spam.)
3.  Often helping other players to solve problems and have a good understanding of how to manage a forum well.
4.  Familiar with the game, and enjoy Castle Clash

1.  Moderator is required to meet a total of 20-25 replies to any player's post/question/thread per week. (that's only 3-4 post/day)
2.  Maintain a positive and harmonious forum.
3.  Encourage more players to join the forum and come up with events for Forum members.
4.  Communicate with forum members frequently and maintain a good relationship gems you and excellent members.


We will pick 3-4 Moderators.
Moderators will be regularly rewarded with 1000-5000 Gems each month depending on performance and activity.

Duration Time:
1.30 - 2.06 (23:59) gmt-8

To Participate:

Please reply with the following info:
(1) Forum account name
(2) your timezone
and answer the question, “Why do you want to be a moderator?”


Why do you want to be a moderator?
“I am really eager to join the CC Moderator staff, I’ve been playing CC for more than 5 months now and I am quite familiar with all aspects of the game. I’ve leveled all my Heroes to Lv.100. I also have a lot of suggestions on how we can work together to improve the Forum and the whole CC community. For example, I think it would be fun to have weekly events in our Forum”

If this is something that interest you, don't hesitate and join now. We hope you reply soon! Applications may only be submitted in this thread, any post which doesn't match the application will be deleted.

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my time zone is the rockies ( Utah) and I would like to be one because I have posted 4 threads in the
last 2 or 1 day/days I've been on and reply quite frequently and although I do not have that high levels heroes (45+) I know the game like the back of my hand and I've only played for about 20 days and have 3 legendaries 10 elites and 6 ordinaries and I do have ideas for the group and hopefully you choose me (and I'm active and help a lot) the for reading and bye

LordAssassin1008: Copied in your second message to make it only one reply.

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last 2 or 1 day/days I've been on and reply quite frequently and although I do not have that high levels heroes (45+) I know the game like the back of my hand and I've only played for about 20 days and have 3 legendaries 10 elites and 6 ordinaries and I do have ideas for the group and hopefully you choose me (and I'm active and help a lot) the for reading and bye

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i would love to be a moderator because i love castle clssh i have all 80+ heroes and a full set of legs i play cc 3 hours a day and would love to be a moderator not for gems but to make cc a better place acount name is LegendaryHero12 and my timezone is central

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I'm That_Ginger in game.

I'm a veteran player, playing since the middle of August. I know the ins and outs of the game very well and therefore, can be very helpful to newer players who may have questions on the forums.

I'm regularly pm'd by newer players in game, asking me questions, and I help them out every chance I get. This will translate directly to the forums as well.

I used to be a very active poster on the forums, but lately I have just been a reader. I read posts in all sections of the forums multiple times daily, and make the occasional posts.

The opportunity to become moderator is a perfect opportunity for me to become more active in the forum community, and I am excited to, whether given mod or not.

Besides being active on the forums, and helping new players, I also bring many ideas for the progression of Castle Castle to the support team. These include: game content, bug reports, hacking issues/fixes, ect.

By giving me the title of Mod, I feel as though my communications of ideas to the admins will be even more progressive to the game in general.

My approach to the progression of CC is aggressive, as I am very passionate about CC, and I like to get my points across. I feel like because of this attribute, I will also be able to represent the community's ideas well.

I love this game and can't wait for it to become even better with the community, myself, and the people who work behind the scenes.

Thank you very much for reading!


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I want to be a moderator because I feel that I have the ability to make for a greater Castle Clash experience. I lead by example and always strive to achieve. Anyone who actually knows me, knows that I am a fair individual who is able to remain unbiased even in sticky and controversial situations. I have been playing Castle Clash for roughly 6 months now, and pride myself on the knowledge that I have gained during that time. I actually have managed to create a very successful guild as well, as many may know I am the leader of Guild Elite. Any time anyone has a question I am always able to answer. I enjoy giving advice, and love to see people succeed.

I have always enjoyed playing Castle Clash ever since a friend of mine recommended me to the game. Nowadays whenever gaming comes up I always mention Castle Clash and encourage others to play the game. Being a leader of a guild I am always coming up with positive, unique, and fun ways to keep my guild members entertained with both the game, and the guild. I love to brainstorm and come up with new ideas that everyone enjoys.

One thing I would really like to do first (if I do become a mod) is help fix all the foul language that I see when posting on this forum. I really feel that this should be a family friendly site, and seeing profanity on here I actually find disturbing. I also dislike that in the past when I have seen a moderator "edit" out profanity they will leave the first letter of the word still intact. Like we don't know what a four letter word that starts with "f" is. I would like to find a new method of moderating profanity, and well as more strict punishments for repeat offenders.

I am eager for the opportunity to prove myself, and I thank you for your time.

My forum account name is the same as my in game name, RonGir. I am in the Eastern time zone and am available most days between 08:00 - 23:59 Eastern time.

Guild Elite is #1
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I would like to be a moderator, because I am passionate about the game. I have been playing since two weeks after Castle Clash came out, and I believe I have a good understanding of the game. My heroes are all 6-star, and I still enjoy playing as much as ever.

It is rewarding to help others to enjoy the game as I do. I wish to help them avoid mistakes i made and to get maximum enjoyment out of the game. I already am on this forum at least four days a week, and even if I am not chosen I will continue to help and advise others here.

I will certainly encourage in-game friends to join this forum. I hope to promote a healthy (no bad language), friendly and positive environment here, and to work with IGG admin in order to improve this game. I have plenty ideas for interesting forum events, which I would love to try.

My time zone is GMT+13 (New Zealand), and my forum name is jdone. There don't seem to be many mods in this time zone, and I'll also be glad to help promoting the game here :)

Thank you for your consideration of this application.

Yours sincerely,

Viceleader of HaVoC, a friendly top 100 guild which often wins in guild war :-)

Main account: 197.7k might
LB points: 1100-1300
GW points: around 2500-2600
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RonGir replied at 1-30-2014 10:36 PM
I want to be a moderator because I feel that I have the ability to make for a greater Castle Clash e ...

Hi there! This is Amaosawi the guild leader of Ender (a top 50 guild, if you were wondering). Ron gets my vote because even though we're competition he doesn't think twice about helping me out whenever he can with his extensive knowledge of the game and leadership skills.  He's a true leader, and I couldn't think of a better person for mod. Team RonGir! :D:D

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My IGN is Joely1989

I have been playing CC since July and I pretty much know my way around the game from troops to heros and everything in between. I can tell you how much each wall cost to upgrade to how much each building takes to upgrade and how many days. I have worked in the resort industry for a year so I learned how to be polite and help others that need help. One thing that I learned is that cursing doesn't solve any problems, it actually makes it worse. I believe in listening to what people have to say make a better judgement that will help them in the long run. I'm willing to learn everything that I can from all of our awesome MODS so that I can help each and every player with the difficulties that they might have while playing CC. My heros are level's 90+, I want to help out by coming up with new ideas for events that players would like to be apart of. My time zone is Eastern Time, I'm currently available all the time now since Im looking for a job :) Hope to get hired as a MOD as I think it would be fun.

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My vote goes to Ron Gir for one of the new moderators chosen.

Maybe it was his feuds on these forums I got my first impression of Ron, and that impression was a bad one on my part. I've since got to know him as a player and a person. I think he is the perfect fit for mod here. He is a good leader and some one that leads by example as he stated.  

I think as a community, we would be lucky to have him as a moderator. I know the current mods could use some help, and well here it is. Best of luck man!

Good luck Ron, hopefully they make a good decision and let you mod here.