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[Event] CC-Android Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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Posted on 2/4/14 4:07:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

well I play the game 14hours aday and allways report bugs. and allways check the Forums, so would be happy to help others, and talk about cc together. great fun:D!! id is wille8989

Posted on 2/4/14 4:10:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

UTC/GMT +1 hour. Sweden forgot time zone,

Posted on 2/4/14 4:16:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I want to be a mod

Posted on 2/4/14 4:53:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sorry again time zone is Central Time

Posted on 2/4/14 9:24:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Forum Name: Jason_Prerost

IGN: Acapella

Why: Moderation is something that requires a zero biased opinion on each and every debate and article along with precise and persistent monitoring of as many posts as possible.
I'm online and active enough to be considered for this role, and I believe that having me on the moderation team would be an excellent decision.
For far too long the forums have been ignored/poorly moderated. Whether this is due to the moderators being too busy or otherwise, it only suggests that having someone such as myself with the dedication and correct direction to do an excellent job.

Posted on 2/5/14 12:08:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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I can't say its something I have thought of doing before. I have never been an outspoken person but I am passionate about this game enough so that this seems to be a great opportunity to take a step out of my comfort zone to help those that I can. I believe I have enough experience in this game and have dealt with enough of the games pros and cons and game play to help others. I am not afraid to ask for help myself if i am unable to answer someones questions or concerns to the best of my ability. This is a great game and one I intend on sticking with. I will always do my best to be professional in everything I do and say.

Posted on 2/5/14 12:14:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In game is icewall California time
I know my way around a computer more than most as I'm in college taking courses for computer programming and other classes for PC.  I am a friendly user on the forums and on here may times a day.  I will do what ever I can do to help even if I don't get chosen.  

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form user name:113950492

Posted on 2/5/14 1:29:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

fourm user name 113950492

Posted on 2/5/14 7:19:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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my forum name is Michael_Yee(128946170) and my timezone is (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.

well, the reason why i'm very interested in joining the CC moderator staff is because I'm playing this game since last year, i've

invited my friends and relatives to join this game( still doing it now, free promoting for you guys) . By last year, i meant last  june

or july i think which makes me very experienced in this game. All my hereos are over lvl 100 and i'm a very active CC gamer

where i spend at least for hours playing it everyday. As for this forum, i only open it to check for updates and

competition recently. I know i'm still a newbie in this forum, but i promise i'll do the best i can to assist others. I started to

play more active in this game when i knew i could win gems from these competitions CC organized, and i won the first 2 of

the competitions i participated! I know CC staffs need more brains to think what events to organize and need suggestions,

i'm ready to throw out ideas anytime like i've done in the previous competition :)