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[Event] CC-Android Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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Forum Account Name: cordi2l33t4u, which are the names of my 2 main IGNs (Cordi & 2l33t4u) when I joined this forum.

Time Zone: GMT (England)

I am keen on becoming a moderator because I like helping people out when I can, but also because I don't like seeing people using vulgar words in their posts or posting Spam/Hack/Flame threads which have to be reported and then wait for a resolution.

I use the forum every day between 10am - 1am , but do not reply to many posts as they already have the appropriate responses from other members

I have been playing Castle Clash since mid August, as well as Viking Strike since the beginning of January and have plenty of knowledge of both games.

and lets face it, the gem reward each month will be very helpful for me as well since the wife is due to give birth to our first child in May so buying gems on a regular basis has become a low priority.

Posted on 2/5/14 4:26:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

johnptvbibey.     eastern time zone. I feel like I would be a really good moderator because I believe in this game I love it. I want to see this game be promoted more and more. It is worth the time and the effort.

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My IGG is 85225327. My IGN is johnptvbibey. my forum name is my IGG ID. I feel like I would be a great moderator! Why? Because I love and support this game a lot. I believe in thiThanks  and I love helping people! I am very active on the forum and try and help some people with castle clash problem already. I feel like I would be a good applicant for the job. I am 18 and very responsible.  Thanks for the offer. I hope I meet the criteria because I am very interested.

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pretendo ser um moderador,

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Forum account name: hdhjdgn
Timezone : (UTC+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius
I am pretty new person on forums, but im very active player and from now on i will be very active on forums also. I have lots of experience of this work (Co-leader/admin/moderator/developer) ive been in many games as In-Game moderator/admin and also on forums! And my timezone is European, estonia, that means, its a lot of different from many guys here. I have invited so many friends already playing this game, sure thing i can invite and encourage them to join our forum !

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I wished this position and this is a great honor for those who have it do not deny that I wished from my heart and the reason I am addicted to this game, Crown all times vacuum at work and at home already I play it on your mobile phone but this does not Ogab them had much rather Bza hours or Bza minutes and for this I extend my participation in this position and success to all

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I would like to be a moderator because I love castle clash, and I like to help others. As a extremely active player, I would also like to help improve castle clash and attract more people to its game and forum. I have a lot of moderating experience. I currently moderate a website on facebook for the military. I also hold events/contest within my Guild. My experience with attracting others and coming up with event ideas will greatly help castle clash and its needs, and its players needs. I will admit I don't comment a lot currently on castle clash forum, but I do check it daily.

I am vey familiar with the game, and pretty much know my why around the game. I have knowledge of all heroes and their abilities, HBM, dungeons, and raids. I also know my way around heroes, who to lvl, boss, and how to build a successful guild. Our guild is currently ranked 105 SoldierOfFortune and quickly working our way to top 100.

I love to talk about castle clash with my guild members online, it has become a hobby. I think I would be the person you should pick to do the same with the castle clash community. It will not be work in my mind, it will be enjoyment!


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look how often i play.if not its cool

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im poo teerapong