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[Event] CC-Android Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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tamer 22

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me :D :P:P:P:P:loveliness:

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Name: BilboDragons
Time: Central Standard Time/CST
Forum Access: 7 days a week. Read daily.

I have officially played this game for 72 days, and have gained a lot of experience by playing and reading these forums. I will be the first to admit, I'm no expert. I don't know the ins and outs of this game. I haven't turned it into a science and created formulas. I'm a grinder, some one who will do what it takes to get something done, no matter how long. I am f2p, and I feel the pain. I dont have the best Heroes or Talents, I can relate to the majority. I am the opposite end of the p2p experts. I can give that different outlook. I don't need to know all the answers. Its not just 1 for all, but all for 1. As much as 1 expert can help a community, the entire community can come to help 1 in need. I'm willing to help answer questions to the best of my ability or direct them to someone who can.

One thing I would like to see on the forums, is there to be more "Pro-Active" help, by reading the forums, seeing common questions and creating a clearer, smoother answer and experience for the players. Ex: Best hero Guide - A list of every hero in order of best/priority based on high end player opinion, a player can then go down and see which they have and need, to form their team. It can be categorized by ALL, LEGEND, ELITE, ORDINARY, HBM, BOSS, ARENA, RAID/DUNGEON(same can be done for base designs).

In addition, I would like to add weekly events to the forums, while the gems rewards dont always have to be high, its fun and good to have the community interact. Maybe some day, we can take this a step further and have in game related competitions.

And of course, Im willing to give input to help better this game and keep a family friendly and spam free environment on the forums LOL. I dont have mod experience, but I could figure it out LOL. If im not chosen, thats fine, maybe you can make me SandSeven's paid mod assistant LOL.

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IGN:iPooooH   IGG:91501467   NAME:JOE   TIME ZONE:GMT +8 (MALAYSIA)   FORUM ACCESS:7 DAY A WEEK   WHY I WANT BE A MODERATORS,because i from asean.i can help alots player from asean when us time is night.i play this castle clash about 8 month and i know about all problem and about castle clash.I hope u givr me this job.because i play this 12 hour in 1 day.i love and enjoy play this game and help all asean player.I also can be moderator for MALAYSIA VERSION because many player come from malaysia player.I know all about strategy about HBM,ARENA,AND RAID PEOPLE.I hope i can be a moderators.

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Hi everyone,

Picking the winners - will post the winners later tonight or by tomorrow morning!