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[Event] CC-Android Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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I would like to throw my name in the hat too. The recent events have made me realize how much I care about this game. I am not going anywhere, even with the account hijacking issues. If anything, I am more resolute to help igg and CC overcome the issues at hand.

Something else to take into consideration
I wrote all of this while my account was still banned. I realized two things today. One is I love this game and I am not going anywhere no matter how tough it gets. The second is I don't like being manipulated in the form of someone trying to control what I might post on my channel. I will continue to post in these forums and on my what I believe in. This application minus the italized part here was all written before I had my account back and all the support from this forums members. And you think I was ready to server before xD

Why would I make a good moderator?

Forum Roots

I have been playing CC since it was less than 2 weeks old on the market. I have become a member of this community through these forums, and I have built a YouTube channel that started making videos to answer forum post here. I can admit I have not been as active on these forums the last month due to the amount of spam, bad language, and etc; however, being able to help fix it is something I am going to be passionate about.

Having my main account hijacked, then banned because of it has taught me, I want to see this game overcome the problems and be a part of that solution. I have been and am still working towards finding those involved for some time now, well before my account was hijacked. I would like to offer my services to the place where I became a member of the CC community, and help serve it here as I have in every other way.

Public Notoriety

People know of me, and if they do know me personally, they respect me. I've found the best way to stop my own spammers is to simply ask them to. Now that probably won't work so simply here; however, I will put the needed effort into bringing the forums back to the place they used to be using every advantage and tool at my disposal. I don't see it as an overnight fix, but one that will require a considerable amount of time and effort. I am willing to put in that time and effort for this game even with the current events going on now.

Access to a Vast Network of Information

I am also privy to vast amounts of information on what's going on in this game. Being a youtuber and an active member of the community has created a vast network of social connections that would benefit my efforts towards improving these forums. I generally know the public perception of this game, and I know how to use that to help these forums succeed. While I do have access to more than a lot of information from numerous sources, I want it to be clear that I will censor any inside information that mods are privy too. For those that know me, it is no surprise I can and will keep confidential information, confidential. My motives are always privacy before personal gain. I am loyal to my obligations a fault, so I want there to be no concerns of using a position as a Mod to benefit my channel with any sensitive information.

My Motivations

I do not seek to be in a position of leadership or power naturally; however, I have learned to take that roll on because of this community. I feel it would only be right to give back in the very character aspect this community has taught me by being a leader on forums. I also will decline the gem payment. I have no interest in doing this for anything but the growth and improvement of everyone's experience with this game. I want to see this game grow and improve because I love it, not because I am benefiting from it.

Current Issues at Hand

I understand the issues with my account being banned today; however, I believe with a bit of time (and any rational thought) things will work themselves out. If you want a sign that people trust and respect me on this forum, take a look at the responses to my account being hijacked. Everyone know's I had nothing to do with any hacks of any kind. Instead of play pawn the current affairs, I am going on in on this games side if you let me.


I am willing to bring my image and my services to this forum in efforts to improve the game we all know and love.  If I am accepted as a mod, I will use everything at my disposal to improve the gaming experience that is Castle Clash. I will work tirelessly to improve the image of this game through my channel and these forums if given the chance to. I would love to be an ambassador for this game if you will have me.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my application.

TimeZone: Eastern but I am on much later. My schedule is usually more like west coast.

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Why do I want to become a forum moderator?   Being a forum moderator isn't that easy to tell you the truth. Being a forum moderator is like handling a fanpage account, you need to be online always to answer the people's question. I have been handling a fanpage on twitter since 2012, Many of the people who's asking was really amazed that I can answer their questions. It's very good on your soul that you help someone who is in need of times that they are not doing well at the game. I have been playing Castle Clash since 2013, since that this game was not that really famous. I encourage my friends to play this game and I succesfully did that task. Everyday we talk about our castle's improvement, etc. That's all. I hope that I would be chosen. Thank you.  IGG ID: 108675439 Time zone: GMT +08:00 Philippine Time

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GMT +10 Sydney, Australia

I may not have many badges but I believe you don't need a badge to be a leader.
give the under dog a chance haha

I would like to be moderator because I love everything castle clash, I'm constantly checking the forums pretty much 24/7 because I'm always interested in what's going on, I could say about a month ago I was starting to be able to help people out because I fully understand the game and I love helping people, because I like to know I've helped someone.

Although I'm not the best out there I think I could be able to help out an audience around the same ranking as me because I will truly understand their problems. They will better understand me and will be willing to listen because they will know I have encountered the same problems.

I'd love to help out and stop those hackers, and virus spreaders who keep posting links on the forum as well as stopping those who tease, abuse and are consistently trolling other individuals who are just simply wanting help or guidance. These people do annoy me so I want to be able to do something about it. I consistently see it like now on the guide forum there is or was one I just read. Some people might get sucked in which is also what I want to stop.

I can moderate for Australian users as i am in the same time zone and am able to answer peoples questions when you guys arent able to as i am aware that in us its 3.30 and here it is 7.30 pm im pretty much on everyday. im not fussed if i dont get gems aswell i just want to help out and stop some of the hacking and trolling that occurs on forums
Castle clash is a wonderful game and I would like to do what I can to help on this forum.

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Forum account name: Toushirou_Hitsugaya
timezone: +8 GMT
“Why do you want to be a moderator?”
i want to be a moderator because first yes it's because of gem since i always visit forum everyday mostly for checking for events and some game updates it is not bad that if i will be rewarded for being forum active, yeah maybe im not active on posting but im active on reading specially on general discussion area and  only reply if the trolling is too much. I am also active on pm'ing Eva about some game problems, hacks and reports. I am active and can be online for 12 hours or more on forum cause i used laptop on playing (bluestack) so i feel that i am qualified. i am a f2p player,maybe that justify my main reason for joining plus honesty, i have lvl 100+ all hero and have a 7 star druid, im also constantly at rank 1000 below on arena and can defeat tier 1 boss solo in 20-25 mins, so maybe that proves my hard work and dedication to everything that i will do. i am also active on joining forum and fan page events and has win rate of 60-70% lol(maybe higher cause i always win). i also fee that i can be representative of averae player here on forum (since everyone that already joined here are high profile).i hope you can consider me as new forum moderator

-IGN: toush

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Hello all,

My forum name is ForceClosed and I live in EST, same as the Canadian server time.

I'd like to be a moderator for CC-Android forums for a few reasons. I am active in the forums almost daily, but often check for new threads at least once a day. I keep up with most of the new posts and often give input to topics I find interesting. My interaction with others also includes helping answer questions, giving advice, the occasional friendly discussion, and a hint of moderation; although I don't have any power to do so.

I've been playing CC since August. What was a simple game to pass time turned into a semi-hobby of mine, and I am very experienced - a seasoned veteran, if you will. My knowledge of the game will allow me to further help other people with their queries. Also, I tend to be fair-minded for controversial topics, so I don't look at issues with a bias. Every person makes mistakes, I understand it happens, but as a moderator I will make sure the players who exhibit constant poor behavior will receive appropriate consequences.

What I would like to see done, as a moderator, is less spam posts in the general discussion. Too many threads are created that belong in media or off-topic. This leads to further spam by other forum members posting on the threads, cluttering the forum from relevant threads. I also want to create a more friendly environment for new players. Some of the older players have become bored, resulting in spam posts and malicious behavior. I would try to make sure the community stays helpful and approachable for new players, while satisfying older players who do not need trivial advice anymore.

I hope to be picked as one of the new moderators. Feel free to check out some of my threads to get a feel for the type of forum member I am. If I'm picked, I think I could help benefit the CC-Android community. Plus the extra gems are a plus, especially as a free player :D

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Dear players and mods,

Let's start talking about why I want to be a forum moderator, and why I should be.

First of all, the question why I want to be a forum moderator. Why would you even want to be a forum moderator? Aren't they the ones that catch all the heat, aren't they the one that are saddled with all the problems that aren't theirs? Well, maybe they are, but I don't care, I like to help people out, and I will never back down how many problems or hatred comes to me. I won't care about peoples opinion about me, I care to make the world a little bit better by putting my own effort into the community. I think that everyone that has a sense of responsibility should want this. So I'm applying, because I want to help people, I want to help the community and I want to make sure that I and others will be able to keep doing this without having spam around.

Of course it is not as easy as it looks, I mean, just because I want to, why should I be able to? Well, here is why I should be a forum moderator. Questions about the game? I know a lot about the game, both regarding the in-game mechanics and regarding good strategies etc. Im playing since the start of september, and started out as an F2P, until I decided I wanted more of the game, but that essentially means that I know how it feels to start out empty, but it also means that now I made it up high in arena, that I know how it feels to be in the top. But it's not only because I can emphasize with most players around, I can also give them advise, as I have been doing a lot lately, both here on the forums as well as through my youtube channel.

But well, helping others with in-game isn't a reason to become a forum mod, since you can give that anyway, wouldn't you? Well, here is another point. How can I help people, when the forum is full of bullies, spammers and trolls? It's a known recurring issue that sometimes (especially during maintenance time) the forum gets full of chaos, which needs to be regulated, and sometimes even delt with. However, you can't just ban people for just posting something useless, you need to be regarding if it is acceptable, or if it's growing out of control. This makes that you need to review each individual case, which will take time, and knowledge of the people around. Luckily that I have that. Most people coming to the forums know me, and I know most that come here too. I spend a lot of time on the forums, as soon as my pc goes on, the forum goes open, and I'll read at least every half hour. That's an extraordinary activity which gives me a good edge on the moderating.

So all in all, I think im a good applicant for one of the moderator spots, being active, helpful, friendly and having fun, while also being strict enough to keep the chaos down.

Sincerely yours,
leary93 (both ign and forumname)

ps. My vote goes to Sandseven as a co-mod. I know he is just as, if not more, suiteable as me for the position.

ohh and i forgot my timezone: CET, but my sleeping schedule is quite random.

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My vote goes to SandSeven, leary93 and ForceClosed to fill the spots.

They have all been great in the forum so far, and all are knowledgeable experienced and helpful.  

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Standard time zone:              UTC/GMT -8 hours
Time zone abbreviation:   PST - Pacific Standard Time

1. (that's only 3-4 post/day) Check
2.  Maintain a positive and harmonious forum. I will do my best.
3.  Encourage more players to join the forum and come up with events for Forum members. Like the F2P leaderboards I update? I love doing it!
4. Communicate with forum members. that's what I come here for, we have the best community!

Why would I like to be a Moderator?

I care a ton about the community and the game itself, I started playing August 16th and been addicted since that day. In the beginning these forums really help me out and helped me make the right decisions to having a great time and a great account. I remember asking questions that seemed obvious to everyone at the start and their was always some one willing to answer my question non sarcastically which I try to do now that i have been around for a long time now. Helping people with any questions and just having some good ol chats in the forums is something I love. This community has giving a ton to me and whether I become a mod or not I will continue to try and give as much back to it as it has giving to me.  good luck to everyone applying I am sure whom ever they pick will do a great job!

-Paul S

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This Might Be More Interesting.. Within a Month Of Playing CC I Became a Fan of It. Why I Would Be Like To Become A Moderator Os Helping People Makes Me Happy And Moreover I Learn Some thing From them In Return. besides Gems I would Be  a Moderator And I Play CC all the time. if you guys are interested send me a mail at CC NAME : JagadeeshDk

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I would say let the general public and the current mods choose the next mods. People can sing their own praises from today to tomorrow, but only the general public can actually recommend mods based on their own personal experience. Mods, you are able to see who is helpful and the general public knows who is helpful because they have been helped lol.