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[Event] CC-Android Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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Posted on 1/31/14 9:41:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Forum account name: JosephChng
Time zone: GMT +8

Why do you want to be a moderator?
I am not going to be the best candidate compare to some of the guys here, but I believe I can compliment them. I am very active in both forums (Taiwan and US) even though I don't post much. I try to bring the most accurate informations between each server. I have been playing this game since August and I have been able to compete at the highest level and explore the end game of this wonderful game.

I have reached Arena rank 1, and consistently top the damage chart in a high ranked guild. I have full legendary team with 4 8 star heroes, 4 7 star heroes.

I believe there are 2 aspects that a moderator needs to be responsible of. They are as following:

1) Ensure the forum is a good environment both for the new players and old veterans. I believe lately there has been an increase number of players like to troll and rude towards other forummers. And I can help out in erradicate it.

2) Providing valuable input to admin and developers to help make this game even better. Seeing how the trend that player would like this game to be develop. I have been more active in TW forum as the GM directly replies to suggestion and I can bring them towards US forum.

I also believe in order to be the right candidate, the person needs to be neutral in his standpoint and be fair towards all players and aspect. I would not like to see the forum be divided even more than we are currently.

I hope you will careful consider my application.


Posted on 1/31/14 9:56:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have modded other forums in the past and found it most effective to assign mods for each sub-forum i.e. 5 mods for General Discussion, 3 for Guild Talk, etc.

Posted on 1/31/14 11:06:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

RonGir replied at 1-30-2014 10:36 PM
I want to be a moderator because I feel that I have the ability to make for a greater Castle Clash e ...

RonGir may have stirred up some drama on the forums in the past, but he truly is knowledgeable about the game and if given the position of mod, I know he will rise to the occasion and be very helpful to players.  He is a strong leader and and anyone that has gotten to know him will agree that he is the perfect fit for mod.

Posted on 1/31/14 11:37:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

He my name on the game is jos826.
My zone-time is (NY, USA).

I want to be a moderator,  because I want to help many people to enjoy this game. I am a huge fan of this game I have been playing this game since last year. And I had been seen that this game have a lot of problems, and I want to help you solve all of this problems.

I was a moderator on many other games and I became a mod on 2 onlines games. In which I made 2 update that fix almost 4 bugs, and like this game have a lot of problem in the word chat. My 3 friends and I, created a system in which you can't write any bad words on the game.

I stood have it on my cellphone and on my pc. Its simple and it just take me 1 or 2 hours to adjust it in a game. But in this game it would not take me more than 1 hour. The system work like this, if you write some bad the message would not be send. Also that same system can prevent hackers to join this game. It makes your policies to work. And if a hacker want to join the game with any kind of change that the game didn't have, he can't get in the game.

So if you are interesting of my deal, I will send you a picture of the system or a video of who this work, just send me a private message and I will tell you nore information about.

This jos826,  have a great day :)

Posted on 1/31/14 11:53:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


This is a photo of one of the emulators that I had use to help many mobile, pc and ps3 games. You can get on many store. I have a lot of experience using this system to remove bugs or bad language in a chat or word chat.

So this me again jos826,  have a good day:)

Posted on 1/31/14 11:55:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

But also you need to have that system and another one, because this game is played in many different countries.

Posted on 1/31/14 12:44:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Greetings to whomever it may concern,
My name is Sean, or as more of you know me, Chaos. I live in a USC timezone and request to fill a forum moderator position.
I have taken a temporary leave of absence from the forum for personal reasons and I am back. I am the leader of the ChaosEclipse guild and I believe that I would be a great adition to the mod team. I strive to be a fair and unbiased person in games and in life. I have been playing for what believe is five months.
I started playing when I clicked an ad in another app of mine and was hooked from the start. I have recommended this game to several of my friends too. I have always wanted to do something to help the forum and the Castle Clash community itself and this seems to be the best way to do so. One example of this is, when this was an issue, I pushed to have the account issue fixed because of the risk to clashers it posed.
I value your time and have decided to keep this application short and to the point, I thank you for considering me as a possible canidate for this position and wish everyone luck. -Chaos

Posted on 1/31/14 1:47:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Edited by def0rce at 1-31-2014 02:12 PM

I nominate myself to be a moderator, the forums has become filled with toxic posts and definitely does need moderation.  It seems like my primetime to view the forums does not have much moderation, because its pages filled with troll posts.

I have a lot of time and money invested in this game and would like to see it prosper.  The other game I play is going downhill due to a negative community and the MOST toxic forums I have ever seen in my life.  Like most F2P games, the biggest spenders/investers are the ones who usually are active in the community and view forums a lot and should not be ignored and called the community minority.

My timezone is Hawaii Standart Time.

Posted on 1/31/14 2:15:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I never planned on becoming a mod, but with the time I spend on the forum I'm thinking why not!

I'm Gazelle/GazelleCC

I live in montreal, Canada, my time zone is GMT -5.

I've been playing this game since august, not long after it came out.
I enjoy the game alot and I think I'm experienced enough to help others.
I have many accounts but only a few I play on at the moment, I love thinking outside the box and bringing new ideas when playing this game, that's why I have so many accounts, I'm making alot of testing on my own.
I think I have a different perspective of the game than many players and I believe this is a good thing since it will help in the development of the game.
My knowledge and everything I've learned in the past months would clearly become handy in dealing with some problems occuring lately.



Posted on 1/31/14 2:50:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

(1) mattya802
(2) EST

I would like to be a moderator because of my experience with forums and how different ego's interact, particularly online. I've been an avid forum-goer for about 10 years now and have experience in all types of forums - MMO's, text based web games, car detailing, soil and grass growing, etc....I'm online a lot. I'm very active, even if I read more than I post at times. Being a forum moderator isn't about spamming posts and being in the front lines all the time - Often the best place to work is behind the scenes.

I believe I have what it takes to help the Castle Clash forum experience improve. I am able to separate myself from any personal feelings I may have to the situation and react in a non-bias way, which is DEFINITELY needed from any moderator acting on behalf of the forum/game. I'm well spoken, have moderator experience and have a strong knowledge of Castle Clash and similar RPG games. While I may not be as well known as some other applicants, I believe I can fill the necessary roll better than most. Thanks.