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[Event] CC-Android Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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Posted on 1/31/14 3:10:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to become a moderator, I love helping people in this game and will strive to be as helpful to players as possible.I continuously am on the forums and post threads on a few accounts to try helping people get better at the game. I have lots of in game experience and feel like I could be a great help.

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Forum account name: Hero87884419
Timezone: Mountain time
Why do you want to be a moderator?
1. I'm active on the forum. You can search for my threads and evaluate my contribution.
2. I've reported a lot of threads with foul language, illegal contents and hatred/racism. Sometimes I wonder where all the Mods have been and left those hacking threads on the forum for days. If I were a mod, these would be dealt right away.
3. In terms of experience, I've played it for over 6 months. Although I haven't spent enough money to get a SM, I have all the rest leg heroes. I've applied for mod in last contest , in which Phinalhour was voted mod unanimously.
4. As I mentioned in the last mod contest, I have mod experience in other forums.
5. Although I know the new mods will go to RonGir, SandSeven, leary93 and ForceClosed (and they are all great fellows!), it is still fun to participate.

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Why do I NOT want to be able to be a moderator?

I DONT want to cause the only thing I want are the gems. Im greedy. I would not be any help to the community and I am only 12 years old. Im just votein' fir people. Sandseven  shouod be a forum moderator.

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(1) Forum Account Name : NebulaEXE
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“Why do you want to be a moderator?”

For starters, I am an active player and very active in the Forum whether it be in the Android or iOS Castle Clash subtopics aswell as the Forum Events held by FirstLady2013. I believe I have contributed towards the community in a way and I am hoping to continue that trend. Since I've been here for a while, I'd like to think that I am somewhat trusted already. When I first joined the forums I decided that I really like the community and helping others progress in the game. I have made new friends here and had lots of fun interacting with memebers and having our quarrels. I like to have fun while on the forum and being friendly does help.  

I have played Castle Clash for almost 6 months now, and I have been keeping with all the latest discussions and issues. As a Guild Leader, and a member of the CC Round Table I am well aware with player issues and drama wars going against others. I do come across many issues on the forums and do my best to report and clean up the forums.

Moreover I'd like to involve myself with the Castle Clash forum staff because I want to be able to help those. Seeing LordAssassin and other moderators clean up the forums had me thinking that "Hey I wanted to help too!" I believe that you can see my potential dedication and intentions. I hope to become more of a member here on the forums and interact with others. I love the events and would definitely promote events regularly to help others achieve medals and status.

I have also previously moderated a very popular forums and game servers. I do believe that I have the right sense of justice and what is tolerable and what is not.

Good luck to all applicants!

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Not sure how to vote. sandseven and gyus have my votes. if its three, make the third leary-raymond007

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no one wants me to win :( lol jk

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(1) IGN: Ty1er
      IGG-ID/Forum Account Name: 104496914
(2) Eastern Standard Time (EST)

          I want to be a moderator because i really love helping people in is something that is on the top of my list for everything, i even work on Computers i am a Certified PC Pro Technician A+ Pro, I have always helped people at very low cost just about 0-25 Dollars and i love helping people with just questions i even helped autistic kids out in real life situations like school bringing them to their class and even helping them on their work i really enjoy doing this and if i am a moderator i can help people that have the read codes on and that way people would know its coming from somebody that is not just trying to trick them into doing the wrong things on their game, and i really enjoy Castle Clash when i first started i could not stop playing unless it was too help somebody and i never turned anyone down for help, i also help out the elderly by cleaning their house. it has been my number 1 priority to help people out. Also I am always viewing other peoples threads. On my game account (104496914) which i have a bunch of people i helped, but i want to be a moderator on the account (104496914) Soo you know it's not this one. on my account i have 377 Post EXP. Also if i was a moderator i would be more respected as a gamer for people to know "This is some one who knows what they're talking about." I also have been playing Castle Clash for 3 months and i am absolutely sure i know this game verry well. and i have been wanting to be a Moderator since i first joined the forums. I also spent lots of money on this game because I love it so much I get $20 a month and I spend it all on this game each time. And I believe in not answering in one word questions, so if the question was "Does this game allow you to earn free Gems?" My answer would be "Yes, This game does allow you to earn free Gems click on the Shop (The hammer in the bottom right hand corner) and on the top right hand corner of the scree is a Free Gems icon, click that and start earning. I work very hard on helping out people.

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wow I feel so loved (not)

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forum acct name: Uhog      
time zone is gmt +8 (manila time)   
i want to be a moderator mainly because i want to help other players (i used to give game tips to random people on the world chat, and well i regularly give game tips to my guildmates). i've been playing CC since the first month it came out (it was august, iirc). i'm so hooked to the game that i regularly join events (consistent top winner in art events, such as castle clash cards and art clash), and i regularly visit forums for  game tips and help from other players (currently using deathbox setup, and abusing the "low-might" strategy). i wanted to be a moderator so badly, that i created smurf accounts named ParalumanMod and LordAssassin100 (no worries, i don't use them for trolling). My main account is currently 8.5k might with 5 6-star legends and a 5 star (needing hb for upgrading to 6).

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ign : Dtair-
time Zone : GMT+7(South East Asia)
I want become moderator because i already learn a lot from many people like Sandseven In youtube i am at first lazy to farming shard now Always farming 5-6 Hours/Day and i got Different Gmt from other moderator i can help other And will be nice to other So can make more friends ( I am Mid Player ) Already played 4 months and got 5 Star Legendary lvl 90 i want to bcome moderator because i love this game and i want to contribute for this forum this is what my goal when played CC I can share about luck roll about smurfing about changing Account and i will be nice to other I know many people can do this but i sure can do this job too as moderator i can give you choice :) that all from me Hope you read it