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[Event] CC-Android Forum is looking for MORE moderators!

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(1) Forum account name :BroskiPlease
(2) your timezone : GMT - 5.

Hello , I'm Kyle or Forum/In-game name BroskiPlease.

I feel as I suit this role as being a Moderator as the requirements and timezones fit perfectly with me. My intentions are to help members , improve the forums , and encourage members to come up with ideas that will benefit Castle Clash. My timezone is absolutely beneficial as I think most of the members on this forum and near my timezone , this could help the members receive a solution to their problem in miniscule time frame. I'm hardly ever busy and also like to see people succeed , I will do a thorough check for people who have problems ( Going through pages of threads ).

I wouldn't consider myself the most popular in-game or on the forums but I feel I can help every player in anyway possible as I can relate to them. I've supported and played this game in the beginning of July , I'm very dedicated and a determined player. I also share experiences I've had to help players who may have similar problems. I run a very successful guild and I'm extremely social which I think allows me to understand and be completely fair to the members. I'm very outgoing , understanding , and even , giving me the tolerance to handle problems in a professional manor then abuse the perks that are given to me.

I would personaly like to fix the profanity , spammers ( People who want a higher post count, Advertisers ) ,  and drama between various members.

Thank you for reading my application and hope you accept me. You will see a big difference as I know this game will reach its full potential , this gives me dedication to help as I would like to be apart of this successful game.

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My vote is that sandseven, rongir, gazelle, and leary93 are selected. The rest are clueless to how the game works and are not nice people

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hi igg, I beleive I should be chosen to become a moderator. this is because I have the time and patience to help others with the game. in the past I have experienced problems and became very fustrated when I couldnt solve them, well I hope to solve this for either experienced or unexperienced players. I have played this game for almost 6 months now and still love playing it. my time zone is london gmt +1 and I know of a lot of people with the same timezone. I hope this is enough to enforce my roll in the great game of castle clash. kind regards stostorm,  87796649.

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eeeellllll, well said. I agree

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eeeellllll replied at 2-1-2014 05:23 AM
My vote is that sandseven, rongir, gazelle, and leary93 are selected. The rest are clueless to how t ...

said the guy who spent a lot of money on a game but can't even reach top, yeah you know how game works just use money?.. shut up and stop spamming they need forum moderator not player who are busy ingame

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Im AptenodyesX98 .                                                                                                                                                               Timezone GMT+01:00 Amsterdam.                                                                                                                                                And I wanna be mod, because I want to help players with their issues. I am not perfect. Even I do bad things.  I have been warned 1 time. I said bad things.I know. Thats way I want to help players for not get banned in this forums. That we respect each others. In the forum and game. I want to help players so they can make a good start. To bring the rules together. To prevent spamming. trolling, and be mean to others.

I am available 5+ days per week. And I post most of the time 30+ post. I play this game that much. My parents would delete this game from my device. They dont do it of course, But you see I love this game as other. Even Im F2P I can be good like P2P.After All what I said. I hope I informed you enough

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My name is NEWHEROSUGGESTION and I domt know my time zone.

I want to be a forum moderator cause im a good person. Since I have started posting on the forums on my first forum account all the way to this account,  I have only be warned 78 times. I have only spammed 9 times and I have only cussed 5 times. I think I would be a great forum moderator as well as a great example. Vote for me.

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Edited by guoyuus at 2-1-2014 12:16 PM

Timezone:  US EST

The main reason I apply for forum mod is I love CC and its community, and I want to offer my help to make the forum an enjoyable place for all players.

On the knowledge side, I think I'm one of the people who have the most comprehensive understanding of the game, either in game mechanics, technical issues or strategies. I maintains a CC mini wiki thread (Link in my signature) in guide section, which pretty much incorporated everything one need to know about CC, from newbie's guides to advanced strategies. This knowledge will enable me to help people and solve disputes on forum. Moreover, I am also in frequent contact with TW forum admin, getting most recent update from them on TW server and provide help to them as well. So I may also offer some guidance to all players on future prospects of the game.

Currently, the forum is not as it was at prime time. One reason is that many knowledgeable players spent more time or share experience only within guild. So although many players still need help/guide as before, many don't see forum as the best place to seek advice. I'm a supporter of open source, that's why I keep everything I know public so they may affect the most people. If I can take the mod position, I will continue what I did and also try to bring more people to join forum activities. To relieve spamming/trolling on forum, one can work on either fighting the negative sides or improve the positive sides, or both for the best result.  Improving the positive sides will have a long-lasting effect than deleting threads / banning people from talking.

On the personality side, I am also suited for the mod position. I think logically and is fair and reasonable when doing business with others. The guild I lead is in harmony and every member enjoys staying there. So I believe I can handle well the work of moderating forum.

Talking about schedule, I will be available on forum very often to mod/help. My current forum online time is close to 900 hours which is an indirect proof of this.

Last but not least, I believe the forum mod is working for the entire CC community. So if selected as mod, I will put the community interest in front of my personal or guild interest when there is a conflict. And will always choose the option that will benefit the most CC players.

Thanks for the consideration.

P.S. I vote for SandSeven and Leary93
I know SandSeven when I started playing CC from Early August. I know he is very capable of moderating the forum and make it a better place.
Leary is the vice leader of our guild. His expertise and enthusiasm in CC helped alot of guild and forum members. He is a logical thinking person, so can think and handle things rationally. I am certain he is a good candidate for mod position. Again, I vote for leary because I know he is well qualified rather than we are in the same guild. I will remain neutral to my guild on forum if selected as mod.

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i want to become moderator coz i spend more time on forum then playing castle clash... i have some bagdes also... please igg make me moderator :)