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[News] Castle Clash Update [March 21 Android] updated

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Our servers will go offline for maintenance at 0:01 am Server Time on March. 21 for 180 minutes. After the maintenance, players who have logged in prior to March. 20 will get 200 FREE Gems!

Major changes in the 1.2.38 update:

Adjustments and Fixes:
1. Fixed an issue that allowed third party programs to run wild. No more wild running. Especially by the pool!
2. The combat selection roster at the bottom of the screen has been changed to show Heroes first.
3. You’ll get 2 confirmation prompts before selling Decorations. No more, no less. Well one less.
4. The interface will now have a chat bubble indicator for the "Here Be Monsters" and "Challenge A Boss" activities, similar to the Arena, indicating availability of the activities.
5. Hero Skill and Talent portraits have been updated. They wanted to show off their good side.
6. Updated the Battle Reports for Raids, Dungeon, Arena Battles, and Here Be Monsters battles.
7. The Daily Reward feature has been updated into a calendar format. We finally hammered out the Y2K issue.
8. Castle Clash will no longer be supported by mobile device emulation programs that allow you to play Castle Clash on a computer.

1. After this update, the Replay feature will not record Raids or Arena Battles that occur between players who are on running the game on different patch versions.
2. The latest version of Castle Clash will be incompatible with the new “ART” run time setting from Android 4.4 KitKat. Users running Android 4.4 devices with ART can continue to play Castle Clash by changing their run time settings to the Dalvik mode. Support for ART Run time will be released in a future update.

To ensure a smoother experience, the default settings for Android 2.4 and earlier users will not allow you to see special effects in battle. If you want to see these effects, toggle your in-game display settings to low.

Download (1.2.38):

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200 gems? we got 400 last time why not 300 so we can at least get a talent reroll come onnn

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i hope that pd 10% decrease energy thing isnt in this update

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raise boss health or get rid of pumpkin duke buff stack.

Posted on 3/20/14 10:56:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Glad to see our admin has a great sense of humor :D

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Haer bonles

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You seem like you're in a great mood!

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