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[News] Castle Clash - Techinical Issues [3.24]

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Hero87884419 replied at 3-24-2014 07:14 PM
Thank you for informing us of the issue. I'm grateful of a few recent events of IGG, including disba ...

cash money

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Killing me with this goin'-down stuff! Arena battles and dungeon battles, I get halfway thru and then get disconnected. And of course it counts as a battle, so I lose the chance as well as the HB's and experience points.

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hahaha definition of irony someone telling us to get a life when they have nothing better to do than troll the forums rofl

Forced to change it but trust me it was funny
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c'mon my troops are sooo bored they need BATTLE!!!!!!

oh and with the last free gems i rolled and got PD  :D

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Good luck with the fix... hopefully it stays fixed. I lost 450 gems on a hero roll; it crashed right when I clicked. And to think I paid for that shit. Feeling pretty stupid.

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Remember they dont have to give gems after updates. So calm down and wait for the gems

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my guild had an issuevwith the boss. I lost a bunch of hbm raidsbcausebof this.

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Since this game is being abused by so many hackers it's probably a ddos attack or something.  However igg earns so much money from all the p2p players, they should have at least one back up server! And even if this is done by hackers igg is still responsible so compensation is definitely in order here. I also understand that it might be difficult to give us a time table when the problem is fixed. But a rough estimation should be possible. Or a least say what is the causing the connection problems. And besides of all the problems, this is still one of the best games ever! So for that: thanks igg

Posted on 3/24/14 7:41:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

problems are worldwide.  my guild mates all over the world have issue now.  looks like a lot of you need some cheese to go with your wine!!!!!  great game in my opinion.