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[News] Castle Clash Update (Sep 15 Android) [Version 1.2.55]

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Posted on 9/15/14 8:31:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 9:00 pm on Sep 15th for 120 minutes. Once the maintenance is complete, players who have logged in prior to Sep 14th will get 200 Gems.

1. Torch Battles and Multiplayer Dungeons have now been added to Castle Clash.
2. Added a new Hero -Aries.
    Skill: Calamity
    About Skill: Damages X Heroes by Y% ATK, reduces their energy by Y and disables their skills for A sec.
    Note: Can be hired by the Legendary Hero Card.

1. Optimized Talent Re-Roll interface.
2. Fixed a bug where no notification occurred when the system awarded Merits.
3. Fixed a bug where the duration of Ice Demon's skill did not match its description.
4. Adjustments were made so that the number of Heroes that can be deployed in Heroes Expedition and the HP calculation of attacking Heroes are now based on Nobility Titles.
5. Fixed a bug where players were able to re-enter Stage 10 of the Heroes Expedition even after clearing it.
6. Optimized the rewards display for Heroes Expedition.


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