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[News] <Castle Clash> World’s First Ever Guild Leader Meet-and-Greet on 03/29

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<Castle Clash> World’s First Ever Guild Leader Meet-and-Greet on 03/29

IGG's fantasy strategy mobile game <Castle Clash> has attracted support from a vast number of players, garnering over 50 million downloads worldwide. After much anticipation, the world’s first ever guild leader meet-and-greet session was held at Butterfly Dining Chinese Cuisine Banquet in Taipei, Taiwan on March 29, 2015. Close to a hundred lucky guild leaders were carefully selected by IGG to participate in this event!   
 Ozaki International Co., Ltd. and IGG sponsored some wonderful prizes for the guests, including OZAKI Freeman lens cleaners, limited edition virtual gift packs, great rewards for each round of contests!


Guild leaders photo-taking with showgirls and event sharing      

A Sneak Peek at the Latest Content
The event begun with the emcee and models riling up the crowd. The co-organizers were invited on stage to share the latest news about Castle Clash and the year's plans for Heroes, buildings, and game-play.

The emcee riling up the crowd at the start of the event


Sharing the latest news on Castle Clash

Real-time Dungeon Challenge
For the first segment of the event, six lucky participants were randomly chosen to see who could complete a dungeon in the shortest time! Each of them showcased their excellent strategies, but finally it was Xu, guild leader of ‘Tianxia’ who emerged champion with a record time of 17s. Yan and Ceng, leaders of the guilds ‘Haihuang’ and ‘Yongzhe Wuju’ respectively, performed wonderfully as well. They came in 2[sup]nd[/sup] and 3[sup]rd[/sup] with times of 20s and 21s.

Live feed of challenging a dungeon

Guild leaders invited onto the stage

LINK! A Guild Leaders' Best Friend
    The next segment of the event begun with the emcee teaching everyone how to use the latest instant messaging software, LINK, to create groups for guild communication. To familiarize guild leaders with the process of creating and joining Groups, the models created groups and invited all who were present to join them.

Most popular model taking a group photo with guild leaders in her group

Base Showcase! A Battle of Creativity
    The base contest that happened next was a major highlight of the event. From each table, a representative was sent on stage to introduce their base design and its concept. Every representative was so creative that the judges couldn't decide on a winner and gave everyone the full prize!

Each guild leader had a unique base design

Group photo of base contest participants

Castle Clash Guessing Game
    The fourth segment of the event was Castle Clash Guessing. By mimicking Vlad Dracula, Pixie, and Cupid the models declared war on all of the guild leaders! The three players who guessed the best won the grand prizes!

Guild leaders showdown with the models

The top 3 guessers

Emcee and models having fun with the guild leaders




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Castle Clash on Facebook Will Receive No Update!!!

Goodbye everyone!
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Holy crap , I missed this event LOL

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A few leaders have met in london

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Funny, it looks like no western guild leaders there... huh...

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Why am I still banned?
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looks like a racist event. I don't see a single Caucasian or African American.....

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I just notice the ladies.

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Yes, I agree about the diversity issue. A little offended to be honest.

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Could we do one in Amsterdam? :D

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