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[News] Castle Clash Update on June 18 (Android) [Version 1.2.72]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 4:00 am on June 18 for 240 minutes. Players who have logged in before June 17 will receive 300 Gems after the maintenance. Of the 300 Gems, 100 Gems is for the previous extended maintenance. 

1. Raised level cap of all heroes to 200 and skills to 10.
2. Raised level cap of certain buildings. Added new appearance for the new wall levels.
3. Three new Talents have been added.
- Corrode: Has X% chance to lower Energy of X nearby enemies by X when attacked.
- Heaven's Wrath: Has X% chance to stun X nearby enemies for X secs when attacked. Cooldown: X secs.
- Condemnation: Has X% chance to decrease ATK SPD of X nearby enemies by X% for X secs when attacked. Cooldown: X secs.
4.  New Hero Treantaur has arrived! Hire him with Gems.
Skill Name: Battle Hymn
Skill description: Grants X allies a shield so they take XX% less damage for X secs. During battle, temporarily revives X allies with 20% HP (once per Hero). Cooldown: 6 secs.
Note: Treantaur can be hired with Gems after the update. Be sure to update your game to the latest version, or Treantaur may not display normally. 

1. The bug causing abnormal spell cooldowns has been fixed.
2. The bug causing conflict between Warlock's skill and Psyshield Crests has been crushed.
3. The bug allowing players to join Team Dungeons and HBM at the same time has been fixed.
4. Added a prompt to disallow invites in Team HBM when there aren't enough tries left.
5. Added a warning prompt for situations where the player attempts to use a Hero Card, but there's no free slots in the Heroes Altar. 
6. Improved the visual effect for Stun.
7. Amended the error in some levels of the skill description for Frost Witch's Icy Thrust; the skill's duration is 6 secs for all levels. 

During this maintenance, accounts with a Might of 100 and below that haven’t logged in for a year or more will be deleted.


Q: Game Crashed when duel with others
Kindly update the game to our latest version 1.2.72.

Q: Introduction of Skill:Battle Hymn
1) Like Warlock’ s skill, Battle Hymn will unleash once the energy bar is full.
2) Battle Hymn can only revive Heroes in attacking game modes but can still reduce the damage taken by ally Heroes. However, the skill won’ t revive Heroes in Here Be Monsters, Heroes Trial, or the Wretched Gorge.
3) If Heroes have the Revive Talent, it will activate first upon death. If the Hero dies a second time, Battle Hymn will revive the Hero again. However neither Battle Hymn nor the Revive Talent will help if you die a third time. Three strikes and you’ re out!
4) The same situation happens for a Hero with the Self Destruct Talent. The Talent activates first upon Hero’ s death. Once revived with Battle Hymn, Self Destruct won’ t activate a second time if the Hero dies again.
5) Heroes revived by Battle Hymn in attacking game modes are still counted in the losses for the battle; The Hero’ s icon will still indicate that it died and it will show up as killed after the battle.
6) Heroes revived by Battle Hymn in Raids and Dungeons still have to undergo cooldown for revival after the battle. In Expeditions, the Heroes can’ t be used for the next stage.
7) In Expeditions, players may exceed the maximum number of Heroes allowed and have more than one of the same Hero due to the revival of dead Heroes with Battle Hymn.

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First post

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bug has been crushed

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Finally all those abandoned accounts can find peace.

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So... are you guys sayin frost witch's skill only lasts for 6 sec regardless of her skill level(this entire time) and youre gonna fix the description or are you sayin youre debuffing the poor old girl?

I dont believe in religion, I believe in God.
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Any updates for troop talents??

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Finally! I dislike waiting.

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What you gonna do with all that junk. All that junk inside that trunk?
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does Facebook version will be updated?

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