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[News] Bug Report Thread - Feb 2 (Android) [1.2.82]

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Iv noticed that for example in guild wars when i attack with aries and cupid, when enemy SK die after Aries proc he still revive!?!?!? Why? Aries proc shoud block it and sk revive shoud not work!!!

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Cupid doesn't proc in lost realm

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Donation quest reward slime is not converted to Essence

If I have all slots full in hero alter, 
I cannot complete the donation quest as it requires empty slots in the hero alter. IGG should fix this in the coming update, that if hero alter is full, the slime will automatically converted to essence.

Better IGG rewards essences instead of slimes  Also hoping for more hero slots soon.
Thank you.

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In Arena the exit button is on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and gets bumped very easily!!! Bad placement for sure... Ive already accidentally cancelled two of my battle chances (and they were in the bag!) D;

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I was really disappointed with how to support your players!
I was very enthusiastic provide 1 error extremely important for you to help the development of better and better!
Instead you should be certain to win rewards for those who supported the fault finding silence in return!
I think you should reward the players for better support

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