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[News] Castle Clash Update on June 15 (Android) [Version 1.2.92]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 1:00 am (server time: GMT-5) on June 15 for about 3 hours. Players will get a total of 300 Gems after the maintenance (inclusive of 100 Gems for the login issue).

1. Added a new guild boss to Challenge a Boss. This boss can still be challenged regardless of whether an older boss was challenged the same day.
2. Added a feature in the Lost Realm to collect all resources at once.
3. Added battle records for Guild Wars.
4. Added a new decoration for IGG’s 10th anniversary.
5. Added a new Hero: Grimfiend. Grimfiend can be hired with Gems.
Skill Name: Possession
Skill Description:
Original Form: Recovers HP equal to XX% ATK and transforms into a demon. Gains +XX% ATK and stun immunity for 12s. Cooldown: 15s.
Demon Form: Deals DMG equal to XX% ATK to enemies in front and removes their buffs. Hero has Lv 8 Berserk. Cooldown: 3s.
Note: Grimfiend may not display normally on older versions. Please update your game to resolve this.

1. After the Merchant window is closed, it can now be reopened within a period of time. This functions similarly to “Here Be Demon.”
2. Fixed the misalignment of Guild information in the Invite Guild interface.
3. Fixed the pop-up issue that occurs when tapping on the fourth Crest slot.
4. Fixed the issue where Fortress Feud ranking order would become incorrect after maintenance.
5. Fixed the issue of overflowing text when a private message is too long.
6. Fixed the issue where players could challenge guild bosses with empty teams.
7. Fixed the opponent error that occurs in the Lost Realm if players do not log in for a long time.
8. Adjusted the Honor Badges rewarded for some rankings in Guild Wars. Please refer to this thread for details on the new rewards.

Join our maintenance event and win free Gems! Get your IGG ID ready in advance, and head over to our official Facebook page ( during the maintenance to take part in the fun!

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Dadsguild ;)

I can't put my IGN on here. I've tried. Been banned twice. Look through dadsguild's members, you'll know who I am when you see me. In case you were wondering
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Why? Explain.
-Essay questions
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What  about gems on the warehouse or the pk offert

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6,31,18,23, 2 pumpkin duke

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Maintenance gems are decreasing every maintenance. I think it'll be 5-10 gems in future. Lmao. Btw, thabks for new feature: merchant window

Born To Play CC
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Make IGG Great Again.

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Finally the in-game messaging is fixed... 

GW replays (even just records) is gonna be fucking bonkers. Mega-lulz incoming. 

Hero trading next time sounds like. Chromeski will know for certain. 

The battles are so bloody because the stakes are so low.
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Where's the info for, "Adjusted the Honor Badges rewarded for some rankings in Guild Wars"