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[News] Castle Clash Update on Sep 29 (WPWS) [Version 1.3.9]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 0:01 am on Sep 29 for about 2 hours. Once the maintenance is complete, everyone will get 900 Gems (400 gems are as the compensation for the Temporary Maintenance on Sep 4 ).

Note: The servers have been updated. As the new version of the app has yet to go live on the Windows Store, you may encounter display issues and crashes in a select few features. Please wait for the latest version to be released and update your game then to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience and support.

1. Various stages unlocked: Here Be Monsters stage AG, Heroes Trial stage L19, Team Dungeons - Lava Isle 4, Team Here Be Monsters - Infernal Summit II.
2. Added Quick Setup on Hero Bases.
3. You can now set up a list of your Favorite Heroes in Heroes Altar.
4. You can now win rewards according to Flames earned in each Dungeon Set.
5. New Hero Skins. (Aries: “Death Metal”, Demogorgon: “Electric Yellow”, Vlad Dracula: “Evil Clown”)
6. New Hero: Wallawalla (Hire with Gems, or obtain through Lava Chests in Lava Isle 4.)
Hero Skill: Blood Ravens
Skill Description:
Deals X% ATK DMG to X random enemy units, and reduces their healing effects and MOV SPD by X% for Xs. Heals X random friendly Heroes by a total HP equal to X% ATK, increases their ATK by X%, and dispels their conditions, all for Xs. (Cooldown: Xs. This Hero is immune to Silence.)

1. Added event cooldown timer for Squad Showdown.
2. Arena: Adjusted ranking range in opponent matching, single battle reward, and Season Reward.
3. Arena: Sliding your screen will no longer cancel Hero deployment.
4. Added Squad Showdown description in Chronicles section.
5. A system message will appear when you obtain Soulstones.
6. Improved social features (You can now send emotes and Hero details in Chat, and also search for players to add into Friends list.)
7. Fortress Feud: Fixed the issue that caused the wrong individual battle result to be displayed. 
8. Increased maximum slots in Heroes Altar by 1. (Max 83 slots)
9. Increased maximum slots in the Warehouse by 10. (Max 240 slots)

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Thanks ;)

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another new adventures

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