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[News] WeGamers Summer Sale is Coming!

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Dear Clashers:

WeGamers' summer sale is coming! We all love a good bargain every now and again, especially when it includes some of the hottest game bundles! Apart from that, you can also get double, triple, even five times daily online points reward!

Summer Sales:
1. All game bundles 20% off.
2. More daily online points reward :
Triple online points reward on August 1st - 10th
Five times online points reward on August 11th -12th
Double online reward on August 12th-31st
This summer event will start at 00:00 (GMT+8) on Wednesday, August 1st. Don't miss the summer sale!
More points, more discount, more fun! Why not invite your friends to get  FREE Castle Clash bundles in WeGamers! 

Download WeGamers at:
Google Play
App Store

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Billi ka Teddy!
Posted on 7/31/18 2:04:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The wegamers rewards are sooo lame... sorry to say it but its true! I love Castle Clash and am a huge supporter of the game (in terms of spending money) so I am not a stupid hater :) But the wegamers rewards have been the same ever since the app came out and theyre SOOOOO boring! I dont understand why IGG doesnt make it a bit more exciting by changing it up a little bit? I still have wegamers installed on my phone but I dont think iv opened it for over a month... the group check in points were reduced by like 80% so you get max 23points if you lucky (used to get 90 sometimes) so to login everyday and get your 30 points from checking into your 3 groups and then another 20 points for liking 2 posts in Wenet - just isnt worth it when you get 2000HB maybe 200shards etc. If you are reeeeally atient and save up to 4000points you can get 5x arena cards, 5 team HBM cards (which is cool) and a few other things but good luck if you manage to save 4000 in a month :) MAke it easier to get points - the Q's & A's section is also so dumb - people just post random things and hope for points. There is so much potential in the app but at the moment its just sitting untouched in one of my folders on my phone.

Posted on 8/1/18 3:37:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with Ryan, the wegamers packs haven't been updated (sadly just like most in game events like hire heroes and win, uncover the merit err treasure, etc.) in ages. They should add something interesting like more hero skin scraps or soulstones. I am sure that would attract more players than slimes and (useless) legendary cards.

I know there is one pack with hero skin but it's just Vlad. While he can certainly hold his own for new players, the hero is outdated just like most of the old ones...

Add PD skin scraps and I am sure more ppl would want to buy it so it would bring more activity.

Cheap 0.99USD p2p who likes to think of himself as f2p :D
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Warning has been issued  Warning

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Warning has been issued  Warning

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