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[News] Castle's Treasures

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Posted on 12/24/18 12:17:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Event Duration:
Dec 24th 00:00:00 - Jan 1st 23:59:59 (GMT-5)

Event rules: 
1. During the event, you can search for treasure once per day. (Your search chance refreshes daily at 00:00 Server Time.) 
2. Select a treasure to search for from the treasures list. Please note that you can only select and receive your selected treasure once during the event. 
3. The number of days you have to search for a treasure is shown below it. (Days do not need to be consecutive.) You are guaranteed to win the treasure after the stipulated number of days, but you also have a chance to find it earlier. 
4. You can begin the search after selecting a treasure. One search is considered as one day. (Days do not need to be consecutive.) Each search grants a basic reward of 2,000 Shards. 
5. After you have found your selected treasure, you may still search once a day. Each remaining search will award 2,000 Shards; you will not be able to find other treasure. 
6. Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox. The mailbox can only hold up to 40 messages. Mail expires after 7 days. Please ensure that you have enough space in your mailbox and collect your rewards before they expire. 
7. Please avoid joining the event during maintenance periods to prevent any unnecessary losses. 
8. IGG and Castle Clash reserve the right of final interpretation of the event, its rules, and its rewards.