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[News] October 2019 Update FAQ

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Posted on 10/18/19 1:54:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Q: Are there new Heroes in this update? How can I obtain them?
A: Two powerful Heroes were introduced in this update: Bloody Mary and Landwalker.
Landwalker can be hired. He may also be obtained in official events.
Bloody Mary Soulstones can be obtained from the Floating Isle event. Earn enough Soulstones to exchange for the Hero, Bloody Mary. She may also be obtained in official events.
Q: Are there new Pets in this update? How can I obtain them?
A: There are two new Pets in this update.
One is a Super Pet (and its Mutant version) that you may obtain through Spawning. It may also be obtained in official events.
Another is a Halloween-themed Pet that you may obtain from Legendary Pet Eggs.
Q: Does this update include any changes to game modes and their rewards?
1. Guild Wars and Fortress Feud: Added Benefaction (Currency for Guild functions; can be used to buy items at the Guild Shop). We also added rare items, like Lv3 Insignias, to the Guild Shop.
2. Arid Ruins' mechanics and rewards: Fight 1 wave of monsters instead of 5 waves. Rewards are increased in this game mode.
3. New items in the Trade Merits Shop: You can now obtain high-level items such as Prime Insignia Chest I, Superior Traits Card, etc.
4. Heroes Expedition's mechanics and rewards: Added progression Chests, a Sweep function, and rare items as rewards.
This is just the beginning! We'll roll out enhancements to our other game modes as well. Stay tuned!
Q: What is the Perks Shop?
A: We added a brand new [Perks Shop]. Players can spend Gems or use specific items to obtain Perks in the game.
Activate Perks to receive their effects for a certain amount of time. A Perk's effect will last until its time runs out.
Some Perks can only be obtained a certain number of times. For example, the [Talent Changer] Perk grants a discount the next 20 times you change Talents with Gems. The Perk will no longer be in effect after that.
Q: How can I raise my Insignias to Lv 10?
A: Raising the Max Insignia Lv to 10 allows your Heroes to gain higher attributes. To raise Insignias to Lv 10, you need materials including Insignia Rune II, Insignia Rune III, etc.
Q: Are there changes to Skin Enhancements?
A: The Max Lv for Skin Enchancements has been raised from 10 to 20. Respective attributes are increased accordingly.
Q: What adjustments were made to Quests?
A: We adjusted the rewards for the following Quests:
* Deploy a Hero in an alternate Skin (Excluding Squad Showdown and Guild events);
* Deploy a Hero with Traits Totaling Lv 18+ (Excluding Squad Showdown and Guild events);
* Deploy a Hero with a Lv 25+ Pet (Excluding Squad Showdown and Guild events).
Do let us know if you have any suggestions about Quests.