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[News] November 2019 Update FAQ

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Posted on 11/13/19 12:35:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Q: Are there any updates to the gameplay?
A: We've added a new game feature [Lostland] in this update. The event rules are as follows:
1. Lostland is available in three difficulties: Normal, Expert, and Hell. In each difficulty level, there are three Stages. Players must defeat the Boss in each Stage before moving on to the next one.
2. For first-timers in Lostland, "Normal" will be the default difficulty level. Players must clear all three Stages at the current difficulty to unlock the next difficulty.
3. In the map, players can explore nearby tiles.
4. Whenever you move on to a new tile, the other tiles in the same tile group will be destroyed. So choose your route wisely!
5. After clearing each Stage, an Ultimate Chest containing loots will appear. You can choose any item from the chest. Each item has a different effect.
6. The items can only be used in Lostland, and are ineffective outside of Lostland.
7. The items you gained will disappear every time Lostland resets.
8. During the event, the HP and status (dead or surviving) of both Heroes and monsters will be recorded. You can revive your Heroes with Blessed Wings and enter Lostland multiple times.

Amazing rewards such as Soulstones of powerful Heroes and rare items are to be won in Lostland!

Lostland opens every Monday and Friday, and each session lasts 48 hours. Don't miss it!
Q: Are there any adjustments to the game features or rewards?
A: Adjustments have been made to the following features and rewards:
1. Titles
Added new Titles and optimized Title packs. Players can now claim FREE Title packs based on their Titles.
2. Destiny
Increased max Destiny level to Lv 80 and max Skill level to Lv 14.
3. Adjusted Arena rewards
4. Adjusted Friendly Wheel rewards

We are constantly upgrading our game to bring you a better gaming experience! 

Posted on 11/13/19 4:27:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting update on the way..hmmm.. nice!

Billi ka Teddy!
Posted on 11/13/19 8:46:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Do any of you know precisely when will the update arrive?

Posted on 11/13/19 10:49:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well Im looking forward to better friendly wheel rewards because the current rewards at the moment are garbage and I won't take it back, also, I wonder what the title packs will give us now, 100 gems I guess is cool everyday, just wish you got more the higher you get, can anyone tell me when you cap at 100 gems for your title, I can't look at it right now. Lastly this Lostland is very exciting, Im hoping to be able to get Zeph souls or skelly souls bc if so that would cool just im sure they will give us the normal 2-5 soul stones and that takes very long most of us can agree but there have been some who pulled it off, JIMMYBEAN, arent you half way there for Zeph on F2P? if so im very impressed. Can't wait for the update IGG! WHERES MY ONETIMEE SQUAD AT??