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[News] [Fortress Feud] Problem Discussion, Engineer Roundtable

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I want more of my guild participating in FF but the rewards are not worth spending an hour to get even lower might F2P members involved and I don't need any of the rewards currently given.
Timeouts are both useful for holding a position and annoying when trying to take a position and strategy must be adapted each FF. I do not feel diminished in any way to lose in a timeout. I either need to improve my heroes or improve my guild. Is there any guarantee of success in any mode - no.
IF it is a choice between better rewards and resolving timeout battles in FF, I would choose better rewards first.
I am not sure that any timeout 'solution' changes much. No matter what is done the issue remains of what to do if neither participant loses all heroes in battle. This was created once IGG introduced damage capped heroes, Stealth,  etc. I don't see a path back to the beginning when no hero was immortal.

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Well personally I want that when we attack the captured fortress and unable to beat all heroes then our whole team got swipe out even if our some heroes don't die so in my view the living heroes shouldn't died by default and got back to corresponding initial fortress.
Now regarding fortress rewards.. I'm happy with benefaction but fortress chests rewards are outdated. Please put zenith specially coz igniting are available in many modes but there's no many ingame mode to get good amount of zenith. Official event heroes ss could also be a nice rewards too at least those who are old like spirit mage destroyer and mino etc coz those are needed for destiny purpose mainly.
Thanks for listening us time to time.

Billi ka Teddy!
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Good morning, the Clastle Clash server association asked your members what they think about who to award victory in pvp challenges in the castle clash game.

47% replied that they gave victory to the team  which have the most heroes survive.

29% to leave the rules as they are, to allow non-top players and who do not spend money in the game, to have more chance of winning against the stronger players.

24% asked to score the direct challenges between players and to give at the player, who gets the highest score, the victory of battle