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[News] Vote: New Stages and Monsters

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Posted on 12/15/19 1:57:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Again I would like to submit [2] suggestions in regards to all the game modes:

1] The game progression should be natural from easy to difficult, it makes no sense to be on level 1, 2, or 3 of Labyrinth and meet a team that consists of Dove, GS, Lava, Laz & Zeph with max level BT.  The level of difficulty should increase consistently and not include random teams that may have to be skipped by some at the start.  We do need more stages in all the game modes, however the features need to be revamped for consistent progression.  

Speaking of Labyrinth: Since the reward is 10 stamina, and we use 5 stamina to challenge the next team, why would there ever be more then 5 spaces between each team.  As McDouMcDougles stated there are more and more runout layouts appearing in this game mode, especially at the exit point of each stage.  Inspire members to play with worth wild rewards instead of making them fill like it is not worth playing a game mode that is designed for failure.

2] Update the rewards to provide all the resources required to meet the increasing demands of the game.  Every resource should be obtainable via normal game play, don't reward 1 or 2 soulstones when 200 are required a new hero is released every month so it won't hurt to allow members to actually earn the ones they want in a reasonable time frame.  Please stop giving lvl one crests/insignias when it takes more then 1k to make 1 lvl 5 set. 

Accordingly I also agree with 123457, insignias should start at lvl 5, 1 through 4 is a total waste of time and resources.  I also think that a plan should be implemented for the mass conversion of crests to insignia so that they can be completely removed from the game.  Doing this would also help with the warehouse storage issue significantly.  The last plan did not effectively achieve this goal.

Rambling Rant Over.


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Posted on 12/17/19 4:56:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Add Mino, destroyer, spirit mage soulstone to any game mode. Except this all p2p heroes soulstone get in any game mode.

Posted on 12/17/19 11:25:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

LR for sure. May add Red crystal mines?
Also maybe make it possible to click square with enemy and then attack vs, move then attack?
Additional: Show health of units of both parties (left side, right?) with everything on the screen it is hard to tell what is going on. There are other game modes that could use this.

Maybe remove the treasure chest that pops up where you can pick 3/3 costing increased amount of blue crystals, instead sometimes you find one after defeating an enemy but to open it is free and does have at least something useful in it instead of 1000 blue crystals, level 1 or 2 insignia/crests. 

Update the Merchant. Perhaps allow resource trade with the merchant for 5 minutes (I guess he becomes the trader)?
 xxx shard <> xxx <> blue crystals <> red crystals <> gold <> mana <> HB <> fame <> etc.. <> NOT GEMS for a chance.

̷̶̳͕̠̠̟̥͉̳͚̝̜̯̰̋̆͑̆͗͊̅͗̚͟͞͝ ̡̨̳͕̣͔͖͉͉̠̠̼̟͖̞͑́ͯ̎̇͆̐̃ͬ͒ͫ̃ ̢̨͈̘̜̠̗͙̜̼̳̆ͯ̅̃̎̇͗̉ͨ̕ ̴̓͊̀̅͛̂̆̅̕͞͏̩͔̯̱́ ̵̡͍͉͉̙͉̼̺͓͚͕̬̉ͩ̽́̄̕ͅ ̨͉͔̭̟̰͙̮̰ͭͤ͒͑͗̉̍̐ͯ͑̈́̉͂ͯ̚͞͞ ͦ̃̽̋̑̌̚͞͏̨̤̼͙̭̘̹͖͍̳̠̥̼͡ ̸̡͇͓̲̣̳̳͈͙̲̭̝̤̪̔͐̓̄ͦ͝ ̴̡̝̝̖̼̮͔͖̤͙̫̗̩̳̝̦̯̞̗͗̈ͫ̔͑̃ͮ̓́́̚ͅ ̶̨̬̣͖͈̯̦͚͇̲̲̏
Posted on 12/17/19 1:15:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Team Dungeon/Team Here be Monster.
Need to improve its feature where we can make a room and set a might that we want to join it... bcz low might with weak heroes often join it and the result just failure...

DinosaursIII to Saiyan_III
Posted on 12/17/19 7:45:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Fortress Fued is a very interesting pvp guild event and please make it 2x per week same with guild war.
2 weeks waiting is very long preparation..

Posted on 12/18/19 12:20:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like Lost Realm to bring tougher bosses with better rewards. Lost Realm these days is seriously pathetic

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