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[News] [News] Castle Clash Maintenance on Dec 20th (Amazon) [Version 1.6.7]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 4:00 am (server time: GMT-5) on December 20th for about 2 hours, in preparation for the new update (version 1.6.7, currently under review by Amazon). Please note that a number of features will not be active until the update is ready. For example, the new heroes can be hired, but they cannot be accessed yet. Once the maintenance is complete, everyone will get 500 free Gems.

Note: The servers have been updated. As the new version of the app has yet to go live on the Amazon App Store, you may encounter display issues and crashes in a select few features. Please wait for the latest version to be released and update your game then to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience and support.

1. Two New Heroes
New Hero:
Boreal Fox
Hero Skill Name: Winter Storm
Skill Description: Summons a blizzard on a random location, which Freezes all enemy units within the area for Xs and deals a total of X% ATK DMG to them over Xs. They also cannot receive healing for Xs. When a blizzard is in play, Boreal Fox gains X% more Dodge. (Cooldown: Xs. This Hero is immune to Freeze, Petrify, Entangle, Silence, and Energy Reduction effects, and conditions from Calamity. All DMG from this Hero ignores Elusive.)

New Hero:
Crystal Wraith
Hero Skill Name: Spiral Floe
Skill Description: Casts a shield that reduces DMG received by X% for Xs on X friendly Heroes with the lowest HP, and removes Silence from them. Crystal Wraith and these friendly Heroes each unleash a special skill once. The special skill deals X% ATK DMG to nearby enemy units every second for Xs, and increases their DMG received by X% whenever this special skill hits. (Cooldown: Xs. Crystal Wraith has a X% chance to increase the DMG received of a random enemy Hero and enemy Heroes near the target by X% for Xs. Crystal Wraith's basic attack splits to deal DMG to multiple targets.)

2. New Talent:
True Piety
Skill Description: When attacking, deal True DMG equal to X% ATK to target X times (CD Xs). When attacked, convert all DMG taken into HP for Xs (CD Xs).

3. New Super Pets:
Cold Drake & (M) Cold Drake
Super Pet Skill Name: Cold Turbulence
Skill Description: Deals X% Pet ATK DMG to all enemy flying units every Xs. Also Freezes them for Xs every Xs. When Cold Drake is in play, it allows nearby friendly Heroes to reflect X% of DMG received every second.

4. New Hero Skins (Boreal Fox--Flame Fur, Crystal Wraith--Ice Lich)

5. New: Line of Defense event

6. New: Title Talent

1. Optimized Lostland
2. Team Dungeons & Team Here Be Monsters: Changed background for Elite Dungeons
3. Blitz Gauntlet: Can use Gems to complete some of the tasks.
4. Optimized method to upgrade Breakthrough level
5. Adjusted Heroes Trials rewards
6. Adjusted Castle Crisis rewards
7. Adjusted text display for Blitz Gauntlet
8. Increased max Heroes Altar slots by 2 to 114

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