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[News] March 2020 Update FAQ

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Posted on 3/20/20 1:54:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Q: What game mode adjustments were made in this month's update?
Arena: Added a damage limit to the Arena crystal to extend gameplay time.
Lost Realm: Added a new Boss, improved the artwork and adjusted the corresponding rewards.
Q: Tell me more about the new upcoming guild event.
The long-awaited and brand new guild event is coming soon!

Known as [Narcia: War Era], this all-new guild event requires guild members to work together. Players will not have individual bases. Instead, they begin their adventure in a Guild Fortress, from which they deploy teams to occupy new tiles, and contest for others captured by other guilds. Occupy Towns to obtain resources and benefits. At the end of the event, the season's top guild wins the coveted rewards in the Imperial Chest.

We are currently playtesting and polishing [Narcia: War Era]. Please stay tuned to future announcements about its release!