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[News] May 2020 Update FAQ

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Q: What's the difference between this update's new addition, Battle Talents, and Title Talents?
Battle Talents raise your Heroes' base attributes and allow you to reduce your teams' March Time in "Narcia: War Era".
Q: What improvements does the new update bring to "Narcia: War Era"?
1) In view of popular feedback, we have shortened the duration of battle phase from 14 days to 7 days. The cooldown between seasons is set to 10 days, so players can rest and compete in the next season fully energized.

2) Small Towns, Large Towns, and the Imperial Castle will be in Protection mode for certain periods. They can only be occupied when their respective Protection modes ends. Use the Protection mode periods to decide your target, plan your attack, and devise the best course of action for your Guild!

3) Conditions to complete some Guild Tasks have been changed. Every Guild Task will now award Battle Talent Badges which you can use to level up your Battle Talents.

4) Resource production from Resource Tiles and Guild Fortress are reduced, while production from Small Towns and Large Towns are increased. This raises the importance of capturing Towns.
Q: What reward adjustments are made to Guild Wars and Fortress Feud?
In Guild Wars, players are awarded more Fame, Benefaction, and Honor Badges.
In Fortress Feud, we added new and rare items as rewards. Check out the updated rewards the next time you obtain a Fortress Chest!
Q: Does my Hero selection affect the battle outcome in "Narcia: War Era"?
Yes. Your Hero's Level, Talents, Insignia, Pet, and Equipment Level are all factored into the battle outcome. The stronger your team, the better your chances of winning a battle. Hero Strength is another important factor. Take note your Hero's attributes are lowered with their Strength. Maintain high Strength on your deployed Heroes to increase your chances of victory.

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