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[News] July 2020 Update FAQ

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Q: What is the new game mode, Epic Battle?
Challenge the same Epic Hero in 6 increasingly difficulty levels.

You can consume Gems to weaken the Epic Hero. Weakening reduces the Epic Hero's Lv and their Talent, Enchantment, and Insignia level. You can weaken an Epic Hero up to 4 times.

You cannot further weaken an Epic Hero you have already challenged. But you can choose to reset the current Epic Hero: resetting restores the Epic Hero to full HP and allows you to continue weakening them.

[Challenge Chances]
You have 2 free challenge chances every day, and may spend Gems to buy an extra 2 chances per day.
A challenge chance will be deducted when you fail to defeat the Epic Hero or exit the battle.
Your challenge chance will not be deducted if you defeat the Epic Hero.

[Battle Format]
Hero 1v1. If not defeated, the enemy Epic Hero will retain their HP at the end of the battle for the next challenge chance.
Warden Skills are not applicable in this game mode.

Soulstones and Vestiges of the Epic Hero will drop as rewards after you defeat the Epic Hero.
Q: What improvements were made to Narcia: War Era?
In this month's update, we improved Narcia: War Era in the following areas:
1. Improved starting areas and spawn points.
2. Players can now view which Guild each Town belongs to (displayed above each Town).
3. Added Garrison count display. Players can now view how many Garrisons are stationed in each Town.
4. Adjusted the registration time. Registration now starts at 12:00 server time instead of 00:00 server time.
5. Adjusted Tile Limit description.
Q: Were any adjustments made to game modes and rewards?
1. Challenge a Warden (Epic Heroes can now be deployed).
2. Adjusted the completion reward on the Quest Board.
3. Adjusted the difficulty of some Mastermind Dungeon stages.
4. Adjusted Title Pack rewards. Players can collect the Title Pack again.

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Can epic battel gives dynamica soulstone or only f2p epic hero only.

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Thank you oooclaire! I'm hyped for this update.

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Thanks for info. It is good to know what we can expect in next update.

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Register time of Narcia has adjusted , May I know the event will start at 0:00 or 12:00 server time ?