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[News] January 2021 Update FAQ

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Posted on 1/10/21 8:23:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Q: How do I use the new recording function in Narcia: War Era?
Players can view a recording of their battle from the Battle Report. Tap on the video recording button to take a closer look at what happened in your battle.
Q: What's changed in the new version of Squad Showdown?
1. You can only use Heroes from the season's featured Factions.
2. Matchmaking mechanic: changed from online matchmaking to offline matchmaking.
3. Hero deployment adjustment: Heroes are no longer system-selected. Players can now deploy their own heroes.
4. New season ranking.
Join Squad Showdown and experience the changes for yourself!
Q: How were Heroes Trial stages adjusted?
In this update, we added two new Hard difficulty stages, L11 and L12. We also added some Epic Heroes and Legendary Heroes to the hero pool for Hard difficulty stages. Challenge them now!
Q: How was convenience enhanced?
1. Guild leaders and vice-leaders can choose to Auto Start the Guild Boss event, allowing guild members to participate once the event is open.
2. When you reach max Prestige, a pop-up reminder will appear to prompt you before proceeding with certain functions.