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[News] Castle Clash Valentine\'s Day Update preview

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Posted on 2/19/14 12:50:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Valentine’s Day Updates

Hey Clashers,

Check out some of the new features we’re adding in our next update! A more detailed version of this announcement will be available in the forum soon so stay tuned!


1. New Hero: Cupid

Skill: Cupid’s Arrow
Grade: Legendary
Description: Increases friendly Heroes’ Energy and DMG for a short time.Cooldown: 6 secs.
2. New Valentine’s Day decorations to spice up you village!

3. New Heroes statues give your village that triumphant feel!


1. Fixed Arena Rankings.
2. 24 hour cooldown added for Guild creation.

3. Fixed a bug that caused Castle Clash to crash by searching for Guilds.
4. Removed the winter snow.

5. Fixed a bug that caused Heroes to freeze.

6. A notice will appear in the Guild channel once the Guild Boss is summoned.
7. All Guild buildings will display a symbol once the Guild Boss is summoned.

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