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[Guides] How To Get Legendary Heroes!

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Posted on 3/21/14 4:29:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There are 4  ways to get legendary.

#1- Buying a lot of gems.

#2- Spending hours on tapjoy downloading apps, signing up to things, and taking surveys.(Usually doesn't work)

#3-  You can farm shards for legendaries. You can't  farm Pumkin Duke, Snowzilla, Cupid (Very hard to get)

#4- MY FAVORITE AMD MOST SUCCESFULL. I use the app Bamboo Wallet (available on android store). This app makes it really easy to get gift cards. I can usually get 30-50$ a week easy just by doing offers. I got my spirit Mage in a month and only made a few purchases using my money. I usually only go on there for 15-30 minutes a day. To start out you will be asked to enter a code. I used this code when I first started: CM16968585. When you enter that code you will earn extra money to help you get started after you earn your first dollar doing offers.

Hope this helps you get legendaries!

Posted on 3/21/14 7:16:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the info, I think it helps a lot