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[Guides] Scorch Potentially The Best Defensive Talent

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The title may be a little misleading because the talent only gives 100% reduction about 5% of the time; but what's interesting is how the 5% is determined and how the talent works when activated.

When a scorch hero is under attack from 20+ targets, he has an effective 50% damage reduction, which is the same as a 10/5 stone skin (lol)! Each units attack gives the hero a 5% chance for immunity for 1 second. So, when 20 units are attacking a hero, it's very likely scorch will activate for the next second. Scorch has a 2 second cool down so after 1 second of being active, it will not activate for at least 1 more second. The more troops the more likely it will activate, so the talent only gets better with more aggro.  

This means 1 second out of every 2 seconds the hero will have 100% invulnerability, or an effective 50% damage reduction. Of course there are all sorts of variables such as attack speed and proc timing that may skew the reduction %, but hypothetically it will be 50% in most cases.

One on one, the talent should only activate once in 20 attacks (at 1/5), so its not really good in solo fights.. Or even small fights. Really the only place it shines is tanking in hbm or raids (hint hint: hero expedition strategy).

The other talent in comparison to scorch is blade shell. As the acronym implies, it really is the worst talent to roll. Blade shell will not reflect damage for a duration; instead, blade shell only reflects damage back to the source that activated the talent. Each individual attack is calculated independently whether or not it will reflect damage back. A hero with blade shell tanking a massive group of troops will die rather quickly... About twice as fast as one with scorch.

Note: talent level of scorch makes a marginal difference because to reach 50% damage reduction from 1/5 to 5/5 is the difference between tanking 20 units vs tanking 10 units. Obviously the higher level talent gives you more wiggle room, though.

Also note: towers can activate scorch and its damage will also be negated for a full second. Bombs have not been tested. Procs are assumed to activate scorch as well (eg. Tg from across the map).

Overall I don't think it's a talent to aim for and I certainly wouldn't replace stone skin for scorch. I just found it interesting how OP the talent can be under the right circumstances and now I've found a very good use for the talent.

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:funk: Can't understand from the first sentence :funk:

I'm back ^.^
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Hmmm, very informative! I'll give you favor when I recharge. That was a really interesting thread. So Scorch is actually good for raiding then ...

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Would be interesting to see if it actually behaves that way in practice.

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"The other talent in comparison to scorch is blade shell. As the acronym implies, it really is the worst talent to roll."

Took me a second there, but lulz good one!

Thanks for the info, as usual

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why don't you get it on your dargon. then let us know the outcome

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I haven't bothered to test the exact mechanics of blade shell because I already know how crappy it is. In my mind, there are 2 ways it works.

1) Each individual attack is calculated. This means if 100 troops are attacking the hero, he will take damage from 90 of them while reflecting back only 10 attacks.

2) Each attack has a chance to activate the talent, and only the attack that activated the talent will have damage reflected. There will also be a duration plus cool down period. I imagine the duration may be 200 ms (one attack worth) plus a 200 or 1000 ms cool down. So either the talent can only activate 5 times per second (reflect 5 attacks each second) or once per second.

I know a way to test this but I couldn't care enough. My intuition tells me the second way is probably right. Feel free to test it yourself and post the results.

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scorg negates tg proc no proof

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