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[Guides] Matricide's Clash Hints

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Hello Fellow Clashers,

This thread is intended to be a collection of easy, concise (although some aren't that concise) hints on improving Castle Clash gameplay or game understanding.   Many of these things exist elsewhere, either buried in the forums or on the wiki.  However, all of them have at one time or another been something that I didn't know, was asked about, or something I believe is not intuitively obvious and that I believe is useful.   

If anyone posts subsequent hints, i'll try to keep compiling them into this post.  For grins i'm going to number them.
I just added a link to Inlineboy's excellence HBM thread.  If it was a breech of netiquette I'll change it.

General Gameplay:
1: Do your raids & dungeons first, that way if a hero dies you can still do HBM/HT & Arena.
2: It takes a lvl 50 3/9 hero to create a lvl 2 garrison.
3: When consuming heros always try to feed a hero to a like hero for the double exp boost.  (i.e. feed duplicate paindas to  a painda and get 400 xp instead of the normal 200xp). Additionally, when consuming a like Elite/Legendary hero always uncapp it at 20 before consuming it.
4: Keep all your monthly Paladin and Druid.  Keep them at lvl 1 and they don't raise your might.  At some point you will want to inflate your might and you'll have a bunch of legends to raise quickly and easily.
13: When you burn books for exp you can potentially waste up to 19000 xp if you use a purple book when you only need 1000 xp (i.e a green book will work).   Thus, in order to maximize the exp from books, always try to 'finish' with a green or blue book.
14: Pay attention when buying/upgrading anything (to avoid accidentally inadvertently buying an extra altar slot) or to avoid accidentally spending gems to speed up/pay for that thing.
23: Generally speaking no defense (with tightly grouped buildings) will cost you fewer resources lost due to raids (in hopefully one 100% resulting in a 10 hour shield) than a full defense (which might result in numerous 'failed' raids that each hit you for up to 25% of your resources).  Additionally, some people will intentionally stop short of 100% or even short of 50% in order to 'punish' you for having defenses due to the new HE game mode.  Lastly, if you have spread out buildings some people will quit out shy of 100% in order to save the 10-20 seconds of walking across the screen.
25: The three types of towers are NOT equal.  Ungarrisoned, Arrow towers are clearly superior to the other two types for all HBM D through H, and usually better from A thru C.   Magic towers and Cannon towers are terrible without garrisons.  
26: Raising might too fast can be devistating to your ability to raid, so weigh the pros (might rewards) and the cons (increased difficulty raiding).
38: Skills often have plateaus of greater utility rather than linear progression.  Stopping shy of a plateau should be considered a mistake.
      -Druid: Get your druid to 4/9 and leave it there until you get your 6th hero base.
      -Cupid: 1/9, 4/9, 7/9, and 9/9 are the levels of Cupid's Arrow that reduce the number of swings to trigger a special.
      -Mino: 3/9, 5/9, 7/9, and 9/9 are the levels of Body Slam at which the stun increases by an additional .5 seconds.
      -Grizz: 3/9 (but it is hardly worth it), 5/9, 7/9, and 9/9 are the levels of Soul Harvest at which you hit another enemy.
      -Exec: 4/9 increases the stun of Tremor to 2 seconds, and 7/9 increases the stun to 3 seconds.
39: Shard purchase an angel on new accounts so you can heal until you get your free druid at the end of the month.  Alternately, you get a free angel at 230 "purchased" (or via tapjoy) gems.
40: Build an arena on the first day on new accounts and set up your defense (just drop any hero in is fine) so you can start earning your hourly HB.
42: IF you've made the decision to become P2P, then consider how much you are willing to spend.  Buy your gems in $100 incriments (this gives you a 20% bonus over a $10 buy) and only during 20-25% bonus days OR during special events that give you opportunities to win duke/cupid/moltanica/HB or all of the above.   Never forget that this is effectively a gambling game so don't ever go with the house 'odds' (i.e don't buy gems when they aren't on sale).
43: Guardian angel can be dropped before you drop heros and the protective bubble "timer" starts when the hero receives the bubble vice when the spell is first cast.
52: It's a good idea to clear away all the stones and trees around your base as soon as possible.  This will generate enough gems to roll a hero or two, which can be a godsend when don't even have 5 heros to your name.

Common Mistakes:
6: Don't spend your shards on slimes as you earn them.  Instead save the shards until you can buy the entire skill point.  This allows you to change your mind and focus on any new/better hero you might roll.
7: Painda is a trap.  His attack speed is terrible (and with the recent attack speed "fix" he attacks at 1600ms instead of his listed 1500) and his proc doesn't hit flying troops.  My advice: find one with a 4/5 or 5/5 talent and feed all your monthly Painda to him.
8: It takes two green books to level a hero from 1 to 20.  Don't put level 1 heros in a garrison if you are farming HBM D or higher, if you get xp some will be wasted.
17: With few exceptions the ONLY time you should do a normal dungeon is when working toward the next bigger "skull" dungeon or when farming up flames to meet hero unlocking requirements.
27: Don't train Guardian Angel beyond level 1... until you are certain you'll never have an issue paying for it.
34: Don't be impatient or impetuous when buying gems.  25% and greater bonus has been relatively common since Moltanica was released, and then there are the egg smashes and chests.  I advise all P2P players to be patient when purchasing gems and wait until one of those events.  Additionally, consider waiting to SPEND (large amounts of) gems until one of the events during which you get rewarded for spending 2,000 gem incriments.
35: The Atlanticore's skill "Spectacular Scales" reflects damage through Guardian Angel.  The talents Blade Shell and Flame guard do as well.
37:  NEVER, EVER (well ok you can once you have 6x 9* heros and are literally rolling in HB) roll HB for heros.  HB is a primary bottleneck of low-mid level players.  Getting HB capped forces you to LOSE EXP from HBM/RAID/DUNGEONS.  This trap should be known as the first cardinal sin of Castle Clash.
44: HBM H is significantly more difficult than HBM G.  Expecting to progress through from F through G to H in only a week or two is just not realistic.
45: Seeing that a "Big" player is using a base design and thinking "that must be the best base, I'll copy it" is a trap.  Designs that excell vs HBM H/I/J perform at best ok against HBM G and below.
46: While I can't claim that broadcasting sending out Guild Invites via CC chat is worthless, (I'm confident you will get some applicants), I will claim it is a trap.  It is in my opinion a huge waste of 60 credits.
47: Don't drop Thunder God (TG) on Town Hall (TH).  Instead drop TG on the opposite side of the enemy hero bases from the TH.  This will maximize his probability to lightning strike the enemy heros.
51: Creating your own, brand new guild, instead of looking for an existing guild that does boss fight when it would be convenient to you is probably a mistake.  Creating a guild requires more shards (to pay for upgrades and boss fights) than you're likely to need to pay in an existing guild.  Additionally, owning a guild requires time spent recruiting that could better be spent skilling up your heros.  There are so many guilds right now, if you can't find one who's boss fight is convient for you, you aren't looking.

Here Be Monsters (HBM) / Hero Trials (HT) and Base Design:
9: Experience from Here Be Monsters (HBM) is shared amonst all heros on hero bases and in tower garrisons.  Capped heros STILL TAKE A SHARE of exp.  Thus, you lose exp for every capped hero you use.  
10: Green garrisons cause Arrow towers to focus on enemy heros, in addition to granting a range increase.  This can actually cause HBM failure by allowing a hero to tank all the arrow damage that could be better realized by one/two shotting griffins/dragons/centaur, that in turn can quickly destroy the towers.
11: Vaults, Towers, and Mines/Mills are higher on threat tables than heros.  This means that if a hero is targetting one of those buildings it can be killed by enemy troops/heros without switching targets.  A hero attacking any other type of building will switch targets to the attacking enemy when it is attacked.
12: Open base designs (such as the double diamond, death box, and 40:1), with an actual gap in the walls through which enemies can walk, with high Hit Point (HP) buildings, called decoy buildings, are usually superior to a closed base design, which forces enemies to create a hole.
24: Use Hero Traps and full Garrisons for HT.   Green Garrisoned Arrow towers are NOT bad in HT (See #10 above.)
53: AOE heros: Vlaad, Immortep, TG, Orksbane, Spirit Mage, Snowzilla, Grizzly Reaper, Serpent Queen, Champion,  Hunter, and Engineer are generally better than other heros.  Additionally, ranged heros heros are often important in HBM also.

Heros Expedition (HE) and Raiding:
13: In Expedition mode, you can and should quit out if it looks obvious you'll lose an important hero and try a different drop point.
32: With the exception of a few niche cases there are only 4 spells worth using.  Restoration (train it to level 5 even on low might smurfs), Guardian Angel (See #27), Ares Fervor (train it to level 5), and Ares Frenzy (but only if you have a duke).

Quest Board and Daily Quests:
15: Always, Always, ALWAYS keep at least 300 gems or talent refresh card for the talent refresh quests.  You can use them on skipping a quest if you know you can earn the gems back before the next quest board comes around.  Also have at least 1 guild Flag in stock just in case they ran out.
16: Know whether or not your quest board has "reset" yet before spend shards or gems on heros/slimes/talents, and before you run Boss/HBM/HT/Dungeon/Raid.  Few things are more frustrating than finishing your 5th dungeon run and clicking on your quest board only to see it refresh and require 5 dungeons.  Missing out on credit for boss costs you 10-30 gems if you want to complete that quest board.  An excellent use of the "Refresh Dungeon Card" is to save them for use when you have a quest board that requires >5 dungeons.
18: "Skull" dungeons, (now they have blue towers instead of skulls but i'm old) give credit for both "skull" and "normal" dungeons.   
19: Slimes will also count toward the Hire Hero quest.
20: You don't need to win HBM/HT Quest. It suffices to start HBM/HT at any level and to exit immediately.
21: Save up 5 dungeon runs before quest board start so you can complete the Dungeon Raid quest more quickly.  Same with Hero Trial and HBM, save 1 of each at least.
22: If you haven't already completed 5 arenas by 21:30 server you can't complete your arena daily quest. Conversly if you have zero arena lives at 21:30 you will have have a chance to gain and then burn 5 chances.
33: Destroying the specified buildings in an HE raid counts for quest purposes.

Guilds provide many things: Access to flags and boss fights for quest board, access to torch battles,  access to guild members to do Cooperative Dungeons (aka Coop or Mesa), access to guildmembers for advice, and an expanded group of individuals that may be willing to shield you.
64: Getting shielded by a guildmember is useful because when you get raided via a chalice raid you lose 5-10% of your resources, vs the 25% via the paid raid feature.  When asking for a shield you should provide your page number and whether your IGN is odd or even, because you can't be chalice raided by anyone the opposite odd/eveness as you.  Additionally, it is polite to remove your heros from your bases and garrisons.  

Boss Fight (Guide):
Above 6.96M (T1)/23.2M (T2)/34.8M (T3) damage to boss is sufficient to gain max HB.  Doing more than this 'robs' anyone that can't do that much damage of HB. (Unless you ensure that you are doing 'overmax' damage to boss.)
36: Tanking T1 and T2 is, in some ways a trap because it teaches you to focus on tactics that utterly fail for T3.  T3 is essentially untankable.  Your goal for T3 is permastun (or possibly a consistent 3min slow + stun chain) that allows you to get the previously mentioned 34.8M damage.  
39: If you can't do more than 9.6M to T1 you probably should not try to progress to T2.  Similarly if you can't do more than 14.4M to T2 you should not progress to T3.
40: Position around boss matters, the T1 boss AOE is directional (and can be avoided if you are behind him), the T2 boss AOE has a range that is slightly less than most ranged heros' max range (and can be avoided if you are far enough away).
41: Drop order matters.  The "tank" will gain energy faster than the other heros and thus buffing heros (Druid, Duke, and to a lesser extent Cupid), if they have the hitpoints to survive will gain procs faster and thus increase overall damage over tanking with a 'traditional' tank.  Similarly, the AOE damage causes all enemies that take the damage to gain energy faster than otherwise, decreasing the number of swings necessary to trigger their ability. Check out this excellent post for more information about drop order (Attack Priorities and Aggro).
48: Cupid can cause your stunners to synchronize such that the shorter stun (of a 4/9 Exec or a Tg) is completely wasted inside the longer duration Champ.  Thus, one should consider whether or not your duke + cupid procs are capable of achieving 400ms attack speed with your champ.  If not, it is probably smarter to not include cupid in any boss lineup that is attempting permastun.
49: Most elegant way to achieve permastun is a 4/5 (or 5/5) zerk Champ and a 8/9 duke or a 5/5 zerk Champ and a 7/9 duke.  
50: It is possible, with perfect timing, to achieve permastun with Champ, 7/9 Exec, and Thunder God. Without Heavy Blow, Berzerk, or Duke.

29: "Always" attack the leftmost arena opponent (for easy wins).  Nerfing defense is another way to help ensure you can maximize arena wins.
30: *Removed pending re-verification.*
31: Placement within the blue circle matters during Offense.  The right side of the circle is significantly "closer" than the left.
54: The enemy TG's proc will target the first of your heros place.  Thus a way to counter enemy 5/5 revite TG is to use split lane offense and separate your first hero placed from the rest of your heros.

Lost Realms (Requires 10k might):
55: Try to burn your stamina efficiently.  Before you move, check to ensure there isn't an enemy in your square.  Plan your 'circuit' of attacks such that you minimize backtracking.  Priority targets Battle Altars (check to see who owns it before you move to it and if you recognize the name as somone you can't beat don't go), Ordinary heros, Elite/Legendary heros, and chests that you can open.
56: Chests respawn once you have opened all chests on the screen, enemy's respawn immediately after you kill one.  You should factor this phenomenon in when planning your circuit.  
57: Cooperative Dungeons (aka Mesa or Coop), Lost Realms attacking, and Lost Realms defending all (currently) use the same team/setup.  However, it is rare that you would WANT the same team for each of them, requiring a reconfigure for each activity.   
58:The current theory is that each time you gain control of a Battle Altar that altar gains experience and once it has enough it will level up, increasing it's blue crystal payout.  Thus, there is an argument to suggest you don't want to successfully defend.  However, Altars are buggy right now, so use your own judgement.  
59: Bearing #58 in mind, when you run out of stamina, if you control any Battle Altars reconfigure into LR defense configuration.
60: Burning your free stamina card the first day is probably the best use of the card.  Additionally, prioritizing fighting enemies early on (for the first day or two) and only picking up chests you would walk through anyway, is probably the best long term LR strategy.

Inscriptions and Crests:
61: Inscriptions are a nontrivial source of might. Thus inscribing more heros will give more might if you spread your blue crystals/mana across lots of heros vs focusing on a single hero.
62: Once you have unlocked the crest slots on your "main" 5-10 heros, you should probably focus on either your healer (Druid/Orksbane) or your major AOE (Vlaad, Immo, TG, Molly, Aries) and get them to 80, rather than spreading out your inscriptions evenly.  

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